Collecting published information on Start-ups' action points, pains and gains during first 100 / 200 / 365 days from credible sources.

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I need a detailed list based on information from credible sources (like scientific, Gartner or other research)., the list should contain:
1. Tasks startups try to get done during first 100/200/365 days;
2. Pains that annoys startups before, during and after trying to get a job done or simply prevents them from getting a job done;
3. Outcomes and benefits startups want from startup hubs/incubators/technoparks;

In all sections: please specifically detail the difference between startups in general and startups with potential of exponential growth during a period of 3 to 5 years (for example on technology, expertise and legal sites).

Important: there should be none of your personal judgment, all information should be taken from credible sources mentioned (scientific, Gartner or other research or books) with particular links to them. Links should guide to a particular page where such information can be downloaded or obtained if it's a book).

Following the ideas from the book “Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want (Strategyzer)” by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur. The first 100 pages of the book please read for FREE at for more understanding of the task. In addition please see explanation on YouTube: Many other useful videos on "value proposition canvas" can be found on YouTube.

If you win the contest it is most likely (probable) that we may proceed working together on the next logical step: a proposition part of the canvas for the same project.



“Pleasure to work with!”

รูปประจำตัว ivmikhaylov, Russian Federation.




  • TheGuyver2040
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    #extended #increaseprize

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  • TheGuyver2040
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    Check Entry #2 for plagiarism. Original Source:

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  • ivmikhaylov
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    Please use any search engine or tool to come up with a report, but please provide references to scientific studies that prove the points listed. This should be a short report with links, that lead to scientific studies.

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  • maureendass
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    is this supposed to be a report or just a list of articles with the specified sources?

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  • krishnaanbalagan
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    Using google search to collect information is allowed or not allowed here.

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