Design me a Stackable Chicken Coop

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Clarifications - "Stackable means that they nest into each other like buckets - not stackable like bricks"

I am looking for a design for a stackable chicken coop so that it can be fully manufactured and assembled in the factory and then freighted out to wholesalers stacked on top of each other.

Design parameters -

1. The maximum length x depth of the base is 1150mm x 2350mm. This is so the stack fits in two normal pallets spaces.

2. The design should have a rectangular base and a rectangular roof - the roof will by necessity be a smaller rectangle than the base. I do not want the design to be a triangular prism - the roof should be as flat and large as possible,

3. The coop will need a door at both ends.

4. The coop will need to be designed so that it is strong enough to have 9 other coops stacked on top of it.

5. The coops must not get stuck to each other when placed on top of each other.

6. The ideal design from a animal husbandry perspective is that half of the cage is "open" to the elements and the other half is closed for shelter.

7. Any internal wall or structural elements will need to be removable so that the coops stack properly.

8. The coops should be fully welded and contructed out of aluminium tubing or equivalent.

9. I would like to be able to stack 10 chicken coops and have the total height as under 2m.

10. Water should not be able to enter the enclosed area under normal conditions.

11. The coop should not incorporate a floor - it should be open to the ground.



“Designer that comes up with new and unique designs. Very quick turnaround. Easy to make changes and I would recoomend that you work with Oleksandr.”

รูปประจำตัว ChickenTractor, Australia.




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    Please wait, working on it.

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    please wait until contest on it

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    Im In

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    Can you please suggest the improvements to be made?

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    Please wait, working on it.

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