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We are looking for someone to create a logo for our blog page.

Name of Blog:
UpBeet Sisters 

Empowering people to reach their best by providing individualized support and resources on the basics of nutrition, exercise, and the learned skill of happiness.

Emily & Alicia, two sisters (nurse/speech pathologist) who are inspired to empower others to live a happy and healthy life.  We are looking to create a blog for people to be able to use for nutrition information (recipes/research related to nutrition & the mind/body/soul, meal plans), exercise (workout challenges, education about exercise and the human body, daily workouts), motivation (sharing experiences, inspirational stories, community for accountability and support), importance of mindfulness (cultivate mindfulness by teaching techniques/tools), and lastly positivity (the importance of having a positive mental attitude). Our dream is to reduce medical diseases and conditions in the general population and future generations through the information and experiences we share on our blog.

Blog Design:
Our vision for our blog design is a friendly but informative feel. We are open to various colors, but colors that appeal to the eye and coordinate well. We would like the logo to somehow incorporate what our blog content will be, but also something that is catchy. Our goal of our site will be clean cut font that is not overbearing/overwhelming to the eye, simple and clear navigation, and concise content. We like modern with a farmhouse twist, as our name includes beets.

Target Market:
Males and Females

We are willing to pay a max amount of $100 for the logo.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing your response!



“Very responsive and fast! Appreciated her quick changes to our requests.”

รูปประจำตัว aliciawall, United States.




  • CarlOneFifteen
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    Is this still open?- give me a shout if so, we'll work something out

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  • Roshei
    • 5 เดือน ที่ผ่านมา

    #guaranteed please

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  • designeremonx
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    Waiting for your valuable feedback My entry #86

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  • mdismailkhan1995
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    please check #53#54.

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  • mdanowar7894
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    plz tex with me

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  • eibuibrahim
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    #guaranteed please.

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