Logo Redesign for Automation company

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We are in search of some classic logo to invigorate our 12 years old logo [login to view URL] to phonon.io. The reason for choosing .io is because:
1. .in is an India specific domain, and our target audience is now global.
2. .io domain is for input/output and technology savvy companies. input/output in our case is a good definer of customer <--> enterprise interactions.

We require a logo which reflects our band vision, mission, and concept.

What do we want to communicate with our clients through our logo?
1. We combine multiple communication channels – traditional channels like Voice calls, SMS & Email and modern channels like Facebook messenger, flow bot – in one platform.
2. Make customer service personal & simpler with easy automation for quick solutions and easier escalation to human positions where automation fails.
3. Communicating with your customers becoming so easy
4. Talk. SMS. Email. Chat. Bots. Track Performance. AI systems like Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Cortana. All at one place. Do it with [login to view URL]

Vision: Be amongst the top 5 enterprise interaction automation platforms in Australasia and GCC region by end FY20

Mission: We will provide a scalable, secure, easy-to-use and feature rich single-stop platform that integrates with the best global AI and ML service frameworks and across channels (voice and text-based) to automate customer-business interactions.

1. Logo Name: [login to view URL]
2. Tagline: #AutomatingInteractions
3. Logo must be original, does not infringe the rights and interests of the third party.
4. Designer can take his/ her own color style
5. The logo type we require in wordmark or pictorial mark and logo style should be flat.
6. Logo should be submitted in 300 DPI CMYK format.
7. Submit your logo with a write up of 30 words. This write-up will show the idea behind creating this logo.

For reference you may visit:

Chat based Service Providers
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]

Voice based Service Provider
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]

Note: We are unique in providing a combination of Voice & chat-based services.



“Quick response”

รูปประจำตัว nidhi73, India.




  • vinay123rock
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    I have designed a new Business Logo for you as so If you will provide a chance to show you my work.

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  • pixeldrops
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    Please consider this design https://drive.google.com/file/d/1naGfIofd1768hGk7bHvpAijLDhR7RbZt/view?usp=sharing

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  • KLTP
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    #33,#34,#35 check sir.

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  • Sanambhatti
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    please check #9

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  • Sanambhatti
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    please check #1

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