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I need a logo and monogram for a new company.

Specifications - The final file has to be a HD vector image scalable to any size with quality loss. Canvas size should be 6048 x 4032 px. Final file will be required in PSD format with all layers available.

Concept - The name of the company is "Musiconica" which is a combination of the words "Music + Harmonica".

The logo should be a cool representation of music, preferably Rock & Roll themed. Can contain a music instrument such as guitar, harmonica, accordion, piano or even a guitar plectrum. Should be cool but not over bearing. Should be very CREATIVE.

Please note that all submissions will be checked for graphic art commonly available on google, such submissions will be rejected. Graphic has to be unique.

Please feel free to ask for any clarifications regarding the concept. Attached are 2 files as example of what is liked, but please do not feel restricted to these, we are looking for creative ideas.




“Great working with him. He understood my requirement properly and also gave me proper revisions where I required them. Pleasure working with him. Will definitely give him more work!”

รูปประจำตัว HelloEpisode, India.




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    please check #40

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