What did it cost to process a transaction during the time of Hammurabi?

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What did it cost to process a financial transaction during the time of Hammurabi in comparison to a modern bank today?

What I'm looking for is the best estimate of what it cost to process a transaction during this time period. For example, if someone deposits gold at the temple (which is how it was done back then), how long did it take the priest (they were the bankers) to record this transaction and what was their equivalent hourly wage?

You should build a case using logic and evidence (including citations of any evidence you use).

There is no minimum or maximum word limit. The important thing is that your estimate makes sense based on your research and extrapolations.

If you like, you can provide your estimate in the competition and message me the details in private so others don't copy you.





  • surescribbler
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    Your description is not quite clear sir. What type of transaction? do you mean a "bank" transaction? who is processing what? is it a "trade" transaction. please can you clear the air

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    1. blockrazor
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      Thanks :) I've updated the description.

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