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    Create a bash in C 6 วัน left

    create your own shell named mysh which provides a set of options to the user. When the program starts it will find the logged in user and will display a prompt which will include the username and the current directory. eg (user) :( current-directory)>. To achieve this you can use the getlogin () call and the getcwd () call. The following options should be supported in this environment: Always start in the home directory of the logged in user. Support directory change with chdir () the user will give a command and it will be executed. After reading the command, your program will use the fork () to create a new child process that will execute the user command. The command from the child process will execute using an exec () family call. The parent process will wait for the child ...

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    F# assistance -- 2 6 วัน left

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can assist me on F#. If you are the one, dont hesistate to hit me up!

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    C++ transferring code to Rust (Russian Speaking Developer) 6 วัน left

    Need to rewrite the project from c ++ to rust. The current project is a proxy server with several tens of thousands of connected output nodes The volume of code is 4200 lines + the connected library libevent

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    Strategy in NingaTrader 8 6 วัน left

    I have a strategy built around the ZigZag indicator for tops and bottoms I want to build it for automated trading

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    Encryption/decryption expert needed for DRM 6 วัน left

    I need help to modify a DRM removal python script to work as my need. The task requires python coding skills as well as knowledge related to encryption/decryption.

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    Looking for software architecture theory expert -- 2 6 วัน left

    i am looking for software architecture theory expert. you should write only 4 pages report on this project

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    Integrate USB Camera to Android app 6 วัน left

    I am looking for a Android Developer to help integrate USB Camera (UVC Compliant) to an existing app. The app already works with phone camera for object detection. The source code below (the link): I hope you are familiar with Kotlin Android Dev with Camera integration. Firstly examine the source code on Android Studio. Can you elaborate, how can you handle this? The job is to replace internal CameraX integration with usb camera of one of these:

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    ubuntu error fixing 6 วัน left

    windows 10 using linux kernel sub system compiling all winner drivers errors, 1. please port freadahead.c & fseeko onto our platform 2. makefile: 1842 fseeko.o error 1 3. [makefile:1602 all]error 2 4. [makefile:1506 all]error 1 5. [makefile:1461 all]error 1 is that way a way to solve below? This was an interoperability problem between GNU m4 1.4.18 and newer glibc header files. It is fixed in GNU m4 1.4.19, available from and the GNU mirrors. If you can fix pls contact us

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    build me a website 6 วัน left

    NFT Marketplace with underlying cryptocurrency used to complete transactions.

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    I just need a person who know coding very well Any language For more information IB me

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    Looking for software architecture theory expert 6 วัน left

    i am looking for software architecture theory expert

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    Need a person who is good in coding (any language) Very less work and more pay IB for more information 500 NRI per hour

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    Software Engineers 6 วัน left

    Looking for programmers, coders and architects to design an online buying portal

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    Most of the work will be on data structures,condition statements and SQL

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    image processing in c 6 วัน left

    image processing in c for different types of image datas

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    HA Proxy Expert with C experience require for SPOE AGENT 6 วัน left

    HA Proxy expert with C experience require for SPOE Agent We need a C developer to help us build a Stream Processing Agent for HAProxy. Requirements: * Be capable of writing rock solid C code for POSIX type systems (efficiency, scalability and performance is key) * Have a firm working understanding of WEBSOCKETS and SSL * Have experience with reverse proxies * Provide a REST based configuration and management interface to the agent

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    We want to use ESP32 Wrover and SGTL5000 in our project and we designed pcb for this. We need the library for SGTL5000 on ESP-IDF. This library should have the following features. 1- Decode any kind of mp3 file 2- Must have the main mixer for manages the output audio signal - Change Output Volume - Crossfade any input audio source - Get right and left signal level value for vumeter - Play, pause, stop, mute any input audio source 3- It should be possible create and add intermediate mixers to main mixer for different sources. - Read from http mp3 stream (like shoutcast or ice cast) - Read mp3 file from sd card -Two intermediate mixers can be created at the same time for this input source -Get position and duration of loaded for each mp3 files - Hardware Line-In from SGTL5000 4- W...

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    Puppet Game 6 วัน left

    saya ingin buat game multi player dengan pemain tokoh wayang seperti Bima ,Arjuna, dll yang bisa connect dengan token crypto saya sendiri

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    I got a running .exe in Visual Studio. Now I want to build a dll out of it. But every Time I try build it I get some compiler errors that the header can not be read

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    Temelinde Godfather II'yi örnek alan bir online oyun geliştirmekteyiz. Bu oyunumuz için mümkün mertebe projemize katkıda bulunabilecek coder, animation expert, art creator, scene creator ve scripter arayışımız var. "TÜRKÇE" dilinde iletişim halinde olabilecek ve "TÜRKÇE" bir şekilde destek sağlayabilecek takım arkadaşlarımızı arıyoruz. Eğer ki bu proje için uygun olduğunuzu düşünüyorsanız başlığın altına portföyünüzü bırakmanız yeterli. > Unity Experts > C# Experts > Photoshop Experts > Modelling Experts > Art Experts > Scene Experts > JavaScript Experts

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    tradingview multi chart connect program 6 วัน left

    coin binance crypto program . sniper There are 2 projects [Project 1. ] tradingview multi chart connect program I have a program that shows coin arbitrage program When there is a coin profit, it is automatically displayed on the TradingView multi-chart and needs a function to be linked. In addition, you need a function that automatically links the purchase screen page of the exchange for that coin. see picture... 깃허브 how much speed do you 1.(ms~s) speed speed 3. Restfull speed? Is it possible to make a quick purchase and deposit and withdraw? How many speeds have you developed in the past? And tell me your price and budget github portfolio Third. for example. exange ban/retrik the bot speed 8 times /sencond .. the exchages regards high speed as a Ddos . than how will you over...

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    holtic hi-1575 interface drivers i.e mil-std-1553 6 วัน left

    I am looking for someone who just help me to communicate with hi1575 IC with pic32 ( no issue about mcu). please bid only if you interfaced.

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    I want an app that runs on Linux or Windows so that I can extract all ports running in an IP

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    Help with code in PlatformIO extension in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 6 วัน left

    We are looking for help with compiling code for a Heliu Mapper using Wisblock 4631. Instructions can be found here: I have included the code files to this post. We are using this Helium Mapper in North America. I can put in the Mapper Device EUI addresses. Any questions, please ask.

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    $30 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
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    Discord bots and self bots 6 วัน left

    Boss lasked me to find someone who can do this ;

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    $100 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
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    Ai autotrade coin at binance Requirement: The expertise in script writing in Ai Phyton is needed

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    $10 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
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    very basic c++ code relating to classes in c++, need to make separate .h and .cpp files

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    I need a C programmer to look at a C program and explain in details what is going in the code to me in a recorded video (just record your screen while explaining in details). The C program also has few OpenMp constructs in it that is used for parallelizing the code. I want to measure the compilation speed for both the serial version of the C program and the OpenMp version using Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. The C program is just about 50 lines of code and it a very popular parallel C program.

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    C++ 6 วัน left

    Given an input file of zero or more three-dimensional vectors formatted as '<' x-coordinate ',' y-coordinate ',' z-coordinate '>' where: < is the less than character , is the comma character > is the greater than character, and, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, and z-coordinate are all double floating-point values and all of these occur possibly with whitespace before and after each item. (NOTE: The single quotes around '<', ','. and '>' are not part of the input.) Thus, an example input file could be: <1,-1,10> < 2 , -2,20 ><3,-3.3,30><-5,5,-50.5> You are to write a program that reads in from standard input (i.e., std::cin) all three dimensional vector values until an error (e.g., ...

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    The coder must understand DB connections via MYSQL and making network connections to query different device interactions. ie get and post requests using JSON and other types.

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    Software for Flashing bitcoin 6 วัน left

    Looking for bitcoin flashing software dont expect it to confirm just to show up, and be able to be sent to other wallets

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    C Tuition in Philippines 6 วัน left

    I require someone to assist in tutoring my partner in learning C whilst studying at undergraduate level University in Cebu, Philippines. The student is studying at the USC but is based in Lapu-Lapu. We are very flexible in the amount of work and pay etc and would prefer a local Filipino Tutor to match time-zones. We are open to discussing options. Lockdown restrictions have made teaching extremely difficult and we need some reliable ongoing tuition for the degree course. Student has good internet etc if remote lessons are preferred. If this works then we are happy to make it a long-term working relationship. Please feel free to submit offers quotes etc. Looking to start ASAP.

    $6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Kartra Software Affiliate Program Setup 6 วัน left

    I need someone who is familiar with software. I will have a product created and I need to have the affiliate program set up, along with the payout that I provide you. I will create all the wording and all the integration with the merchant account I need help with setting this up for 3 products in one affiliate program.

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    Its native mobile app project (iOS and Android) to connect FORA blood glucose healthcare device (bluetooth 4.0 ble) and retrieve health data back to the mobile app. FORA is the brand name of the healthcare device.

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    Co-Processor Programming 6 วัน left

    I want to program my Xeon Phi Co-Processor. They key is having the ability to access the cores/threads to be put to work. OS: Windows 10 Hardware: Intel Xeon Phi 5110P 1.05 GHz Coprocessor - PCI Express x16 SC5110P Currently my pc can see the coprocessor but cannot access its cores. (I can provide this upon request.) This project can be performed two ways. 1. Remote access. (Prefered) 2. I will ship the hardware. (With a holdback on payment until its returned)

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    Simple RNN Algorithm 6 วัน left

    I need simple RNN algorithm for my databases.

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