Express JS is a web development framework for Node.js. It is used by developers and engineers to create robust and dynamic web applications quickly and efficiently. It provides out of the box features for web development such as routing, request management, and content negotiation. Express JS is built with scalability in mind and it is specifically designed for web and mobile back ends with minimal coding complexity. An Express JS Developer can provide clients with high-quality solutions for their business needs by leveraging the benefits of Express JS framework.

Express JS provides faster application development with its numerous built-in functionalities including routing and request management that simplifies communication between the server and the client. It also provides support for both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, which makes it suitable for any type of infrastructure or system requirements. Furthermore, it has built-in templating, which allows for better maintainability and portability of applications.

Here's some projects that our expert Express JS Developer made real:

  • Building personalized portfolio websites with an impressive visual presentation
  • Developing tools to support financial trading operations
  • Creating employee monitoring tools tailored to specific business needs
  • Securing backend services with advanced authentication techniques
  • Implementing APIs that facilitate data transmission between different services
  • Developing cross platform mobile applications
  • Setting up a DevOps environment to automate workflow processes

Our Express JS developers have developed solutions tailored to individual customer needs on Their expertise has allowed them to quickly build fully functional products to the highest standard regardless of the project complexity or size. By utilizing the benefits of Express JS our developers have created remarkable solutions that answer to customer needs perfectly, while minimizing the cost in terms of time and effort required.

If you have a web development project in mind, why not post your own project on We guarantee that you will be connected with an experienced Express JS Developer capable of realizing your vision quickly and efficiently. So why wait? Post your project now and join hundreds of satisfied customers served by our skilled freelance Express JS Developers here on Freelancer!

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    Financial Data Visualization Windows App 5 วัน left

    I am seeking a skilled Angular and Node.js developer to build a Windows application focused on data visualization, focused on financial data. Ideally, you should have experience with creating interactive charts and data manipulation in financial sectors. Primary job responsibilities: - Develop an Angular application on the Windows platform - Use Node.js for the back-end processes - Implement a data filter option for streamlined visualization Key qualifications: - Proficient in Angular and Node.js - Experience in creating data visualization tools - Knowledge of financial data interpretation - Familiarity with Windows application development.

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $16 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    92 คำเสนอราคา

    Only bid if you've built something similar recently. I am in need of a skilled NodeJS developer to help me with automation of my social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. Key Requirements: - The system needs to be capable of scheduling posts. - It should have the ability to attach images and videos. - It must have an option to include captions. Scheduling: - The posts should be scheduled according to a custom schedule. This means that the system should allow me to set the exact time and date for the posts to be published. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in NodeJS and APIs. - Previous experience with social media post automation. - Understanding of Facebook and Instagram APIs. Write "Theta" in top of the post to filter bots. This is a project with great potent...

    $148 (Avg Bid)
    $148 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    14 คำเสนอราคา

    We are looking for a freelance developer with experience in Node.js and Express to create an advanced chatbot for lead management. The project involves developing a robust and customizable solution that allows the registration of multiple chatbots, integrates with Google Analytics and tools like Make and Zapier, and stores crucial information on leads and chat sessions. The platform should also offer advanced features such as sequential question flows, chatbot interface customization, and the generation of JavaScript links for easy website integration. The goal is to build a solution similar to Tidio, with the capability to simulate human-like responses and potential future integration with ChatGPT. We will be using technologies such as Node.js, Express, Digital Ocean, GitLab, and MariaDB...

    $2418 (Avg Bid)
    $2418 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    72 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in need of a Node.js developer with proficiency in creating server-side APIs and building web applications. Key tasks for this project include: - Creating server-side APIs - Building web applications using Our chosen database is MongoDB, so prior experience with this is essential. An adept understanding of would benefit this role significantly. The most ideal candidate for this job would have extensive experience with Node.js, , and MongoDB. Efficiency and timely delivery are key to this project.

    $302 (Avg Bid)
    $302 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    40 คำเสนอราคา
    Node.js and Backend Developer Needed 4 วัน left

    We are an established business and are looking for a skilled Node.js and backend developer to enhance our current application within the next month. Key Responsibilities: - Enhancing existing application features - Ensuring the application is optimized and scalable - Collaborating with other team members Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Node.js and backend development - Proven track record in improving and scaling existing applications - Strong problem-solving skills - Ability to work within a team We are on a tight schedule, and looking for someone who can quickly understand our existing codebase and make meaningful contributions.

    $271 (Avg Bid)
    $271 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    33 คำเสนอราคา
    User-Friendly Bookmark App Creation 3 วัน left

    I'm seeking an app developer to assist in creating a professional bookmarking app. Project Description: Bookmark Manager Overview: Develop a robust and user-friendly bookmark manager that competes with existing solutions like Phased Development Plan: Core Features and Basic Content Clipping This phase focuses on establishing the essential functionalities of the bookmark manager. Key Features: Content Clipping -Supported Content Types: Articles, videos, images, web pages -Clipping Methods: Browser extensions Organization -Collections: Users can create thematic collections to categorize bookmarks -Tags: Suggested and custom tags for better searchability -Notes: Add custom notes to bookmarks for additional context Search and Access -Full-Text Search: Search within the content of...

    $500 (Avg Bid)
    $500 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    105 คำเสนอราคา

    Overview: We are looking for a freelancer to enhance our chatbot system, which is built with Node.js, React.js, and Postgres. Our system is a multi-tenant SaaS that allows creating connections with WhatsApp, associating departments with these connections, and assigning departments to users. Currently, the bot's flow is quite basic, and we want to replace it with a more complex visual workflow using React-Flow. Project Objective: Replace the current simple flow with a visual and more sophisticated workflow where we can create and connect action blocks based on the responses received via WhatsApp. Detailed Requirements: Create Visual Workflow with React-Flow: Implement a visual interface for creating chat workflows. Allow drag-and-drop functionality for action blocks. Action Blocks:...

    $531 (Avg Bid)
    $531 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    86 คำเสนอราคา
    Node.js & PM2 Expert for Heap Management 3 วัน left

    As a client seeking a skilled Node.js and PM2 expert with a focus on managing the PM2 heap usage on an Ubuntu server, I am in need of a professional who can efficiently handle the following tasks: - **Version and Application Checking**: Your primary task will be to ensure compatibility and performance optimization for the Node.js 14.x version running a Web server/API through PM2. - **PM2 Heap Usage Optimization**: The crucial task at hand is to manage the PM2 heap usage effectively. To do this, you need to competently increase the server's capacity while maintaining the application's performance integrity. You must be well-versed in PM2 and have a strong understanding of Node.js. Your technical expertise should also allow you to scale up the server resources efficiently. I exp...

    $165 (Avg Bid)
    $165 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    75 คำเสนอราคา

    I am seeking a highly qualified MERN (MongoDB, , React.js, and Node.js) developer who is capable of handling all aspects of development, including front-end, back-end, and database integration. Key Responsibilities: - Translate design specifications into a fully functional and user-friendly interface - Handle server and database management duties - Ensure seamless integration between all systems and components Ideal Candidate: - Strong experience in working with the MERN stack is crucial - Background in creating professional, clean designs - Familiarity with e-commerce structures (although not explicitly stated, this background could be useful due to the nature of the work) Please note, the design and layout should be clean and professional. Proven ability to work from design specs is...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    $50 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    42 คำเสนอราคา
    Electronic Document Signing Website Development 3 วัน left

    I am in need of an experienced web developer to bring to life a modern and user-friendly website dedicated to electronic document signing. The platform's main goal is to facilitate secure and legally binding electronic signatures online. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: Users should be able to sign up and log in to the platform, ensuring that the signing process is secure and personalized. - Document Upload and Storage: The site will involve uploading various types of documents like contracts, agreements, and waivers. These documents should be securely stored and easily accessible for users. - Secure Electronic Signature Functionality: The website needs to have a reliable and secure electronic signature feature to ensure that the signed documents are legally binding. - D...

    $2389 (Avg Bid)
    $2389 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    61 คำเสนอราคา

    In this project, the primary goal is to increase efficiency and productivity through innovative implementations. Here’s what knowledge and expertise from your end would be of great value to me: • Designing and developing user authentication and authorization, advanced data manipulation, and filtering, as well as real-time notification functionality on an Angular 17 platform. • An affinity for clean and minimalist yet modern and eye-catching design, with an emphasis on customizable and flexible elements will help capture my vision effectively. • Proficiency in Angular 17 is crucial to ensure seamless execution of this project. Familiarity with would be an added advantage to hit the ground running. Please, bring your flair for balancing form and function, as well as y...

    $1198 (Avg Bid)
    $1198 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    89 คำเสนอราคา

    We're seeking a skilled and experienced NestJS/Node.js developer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong focus on clean code, testing, and leveraging Prisma ORM for database operations. Key Responsibilities: Develop and maintain scalable backend applications using NestJS and Node.js Implement and optimize database operations using Prisma ORM Write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code Design and implement comprehensive test suites for all code changes Collaborate with team members to ensure code quality and best practices Participate in code reviews and provide constructive feedback Continuously improve development processes and tools Required Skills and Experience: 3-5+ years of experience with Node.js and TypeScript Strong proficiency in NestJS framework ...

    $1227 (Avg Bid)
    $1227 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    163 คำเสนอราคา

    6+ years experience with each of those technologies: Node.js + Express, MongoDB & Monorepo Architectures in depth MongoDB experience with: replica sets, MongoDB Atlas, aggregation pipelines, embedding data in subdocuments, optimizing and debugging slow queries, deep optimization work in general using internal and external tools 3+ years experience with: Typescript, Cloud & Docker in a production environment good general cloud knowledge, preferably with use GCP You know how to make applications more performant, secure and reliable

    $333 (Avg Bid)
    $333 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    29 คำเสนอราคา

    Overview: We are looking for a freelancer to enhance our chatbot system, which is built with Node.js, React.js, and Postgres. Our system is a multi-tenant SaaS that allows creating connections with WhatsApp, associating departments with these connections, and assigning departments to users. Currently, the bot's flow is quite basic, and we want to replace it with a more complex visual workflow using React-Flow. Project Objective: Replace the current simple flow with a visual and more sophisticated workflow where we can create and connect action blocks based on the responses received via WhatsApp. Detailed Requirements: Create Visual Workflow with React-Flow: Implement a visual interface for creating chat workflows. Allow drag-and-drop functionality for action blocks. Action Blocks:...

    $458 (Avg Bid)
    $458 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    114 คำเสนอราคา

    About Us: DARKROOM Agency is a cutting-edge technology company focused on developing innovative solutions in the blockchain space. We are currently building an advanced NFT marketplace and are looking for a talented Blockchain Engineer to join our team. Responsibilities: Integrate blockchain functionalities with existing backend and frontend systems. Develop APIs for blockchain interactions and transaction management. Implement in the frontend for seamless blockchain integration. Join us at DARKROOM Agency and be a part of the future of digital assets!

    $38 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $38 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    138 คำเสนอราคา

    Job Details TypeScript Node.js Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summary: Join our team as a Junior Back-End Developer and be part of an exciting project developing a social media app with multiple features. In this role, you will work with Typescript and AWS technologies to build a robust back-end infrastructure following a microservices and serverless architecture. The app allows users to earn rewards by watching advertisements, and scalability is a key priority. If you are passionate about developing scalable solutions, leveraging AWS services, and optimizing system performance, this opportunity is perfect for you. General Information: Our company is developing a social media app that seamlessly integrates shopping services and offers users the ability to earn rewards through advertisement en...

    $1188 (Avg Bid)
    $1188 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    39 คำเสนอราคา
    NodeJs Expert for npm Optimization 1 วัน left

    I'm looking for a NodeJs expert to help me customize an npm package. Our focus is primarily on improving performance and enhancing the functionality of the package. Key Requirements: - Functionality Customization: You'll be tasked with adding new features and tweaking existing ones in the package. - Specific New Feature: One of the key tasks will be to implement data validation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in NodeJs is a must, as the project heavily relies on this technology. - Previous experience with npm package customization and optimization. - Proven track record in implementing data validation systems. This is a critical project for us and we're seeking a professional who can deliver quality work within a reasonable timeframe.

    $32 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $32 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    76 คำเสนอราคา
    React & Node.js Project Assistance 8 ชั่วโมง left

    I'm working on two projects - a GDPcoin web app and a presale portal app. The portal app is giving me some trouble and I'd appreciate some assistance. Here's what I need help with: - Troubleshooting: The app is producing error messages, exhibiting unexpected behavior, and has slow loading times. - Implementation: Specific features need to be implemented. - Performance: The app needs optimization for better performance. Key responsibilities: - Troubleshooting the errors: Investigating and resolving the error messages and unexpected behavior. - Implementing features: Integrating the specific additional features that are required for the portal. - Performance optimization: Enhancing the app's speed and responsiveness for a smoother user experience. Ideal skills and expe...

    $147 (Avg Bid)
    $147 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    165 คำเสนอราคา
    Desarrollador Full Stack con experiencia en NodeJS 4 ชั่วโมง left

    Necesito un desarrollador Full Stack con experiencia en NodeJS para un proyecto a tiempo completo, 35 horas semanales. Idealmente, deberías tener experiencia en: - NodeJs: Fundamental para el desarrollo del proyecto. - MongoDB: Necesario para la gestión de información. - ExpressJS: Importante para la creación de APIs. - Manejo de API: Tu nivel intermedio es suficiente, ya que trabajaremos en conjunto en la integración de servicios. Por favor, asegúrate de que puedes comprometerte a un mínimo de 35 horas a la semana antes de aplicar para este proyecto. La capacidad para comunicarte de forma efectiva en inglés es un plus.

    $504 (Avg Bid)
    $504 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    92 คำเสนอราคา

    I am looking to build a cutting-edge online casino website featuring progressive jackpot slot games and incorporating cryptocurrency transactions. Here are my requirements: - Implement a variety of exciting and engaging slot variants with a focus on progressive jackpot slot machines. - The website should be designed to support cryptocurrency transactions, offering an innovative and secure way for users to enjoy their gaming experience. An ideal candidate should: - Have experience developing betting websites, particularly online casinos. - Show a strong understanding and knowledge of integrating cryptocurrency payments. - Be experienced in designing engaging and successful slot machine games, specifically progressive jackpot slots.

    $36 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $36 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    32 คำเสนอราคา


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