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help me sell my movies I need some help with selling my movies which I locally produce at Malawi. [Removed by [url ถูกลบ เข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดู] Admin] 3 การขาย, การตลาด, Filmmaking, Digital Marketing Dec 17, 2017 วันนี้6 ว 5 ชม. $455
Film editing A short film is shot on dslr. This films need editing with music add on and make it ready for screening. Can someone assist? 10 Filmmaking Dec 16, 2017 Dec 16, 20175 ว 12 ชม. $192
18+ Female candidates for movie only video daily 8 hours work. Indian or Indian origin 18 and 18+ years Female candidate required for online movies, online videos, broadcasting, advertisement, video production, acting and live video production and broadcast. Bold, open minded female candidates required who want to develop career in film, video, advertising and live broadcasting industry. Age no bar, color no bar, figure no bar. Minimum 8 hours work per day. Four holidays will be pro... 4 XXX, การนัดหมาย, การแพร่ภาพวิดีโอ, การสร้างแบบจำลองแฟชั่น, Filmmaking Dec 15, 2017 Dec 15, 20174 ว 7 ชม. $189
Looking for an Executive Producer - Film (Bollywood) Red Bison Productions is looking for an Executive Producer for a Hindi Feature Film (Bollywood). Top Bollywood artists are attached to the project. Detail information will be shared with selected candidates. Essential Duties and Responsibilities of an Executive Producer •Bring the financer/Investor/producer to the project. Raise $853000 / 5.5 CR INR - Total film's budget. •... 1 แผนธุรกิจ, การเงิน, FileMaker, การระดมทุน, Filmmaking Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20172 ว 10 ชม. $55555
restaurant food making clips Several short video clips from different angels capturing food creation in an instagramy (food porn) way. 16 การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 20172 ชม. 26 น. $163
Cameraperson Needed for Interview In Budapest Hello, I am a documentary filmmaker seeking a videographer to film an interview with one of my subjects in Budapest. We are in the final stages of a documentary following the Syrian Refugee crisis. This is about a half a day of work (ideally on December 11th), one hour setup, one hour interview, one hour take down. It will be a sit-down interview, and the interviewer will be connected to the subje... 7 บริการวิดีโอ, การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking, Journalist Dec 9, 2017 Dec 9, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $606
Jobs for Freelancing Models We are looking to hire freelancers who are willing to feature on Website as our Cast. This would need you to sport different hair styles and actually cut from long all the way to buzz You could be anywhere to bid for this. Good Pay 12 การโฆษณา, เชิงพาณิชย์, การสร้างแบบจำลองแฟชั่น, Filmmaking Dec 9, 2017 Dec 9, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $254
We need a professional 2D person Our current team is looking for someone who is capable of making videos like the link below If you meet our needs, please contact us [url ถูกลบ เข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดู] 19 YouTube, ภาพล้อเลียนและการ์ตูน, Filmmaking, Facebook API, 2D Animation Dec 5, 2017 Dec 5, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $2146
Tv interview Filming interviews for tv show 4 การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Dec 5, 2017 Dec 5, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $53
$100 for the best 10-second video blog of the best thing in your neighbourhood Vloggi is a new app that automatically combines 3-4 short video grabs with a caption to create a micro-vlog. We have users in Australia, The UK and the US, but need some case good examples from the rest of the world. So in addition to the prize here of US$100 for the single best Vloggi, we will also pay $12.50 for everyone we later re-use. 1) PICK SOMETHING GREAT IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD Favourit... 5 Filmmaking, Journalist, การเขียนเชิงท่องเที่ยว, การทำวิดีโอ Dec 4, 2017 Dec 4, 20171 ชม. 9 น. $110
investment proposal presentation Looking for a sports business investment proposal 27 การเขียงเชิงธุรกิจ, Filmmaking Dec 1, 2017 Dec 1, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $143
Camera Man Hi there, we are looking for a camera operator based in Stockholm, ideally closer to Uppsalla to film a talking head interview. It would be a single camera set up, own lighting and camera equipment would be required. 4 การถ่ายภาพ, Filmmaking Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $900
professional video editing movies documentary trailer need professional video editor I need to se your portfolio with any watermark please 2 การถ่ายภาพ, 3ds Max, การทำวิดีโอ, Filmmaking, Cinematography Nov 29, 2017 Nov 29, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $462
Make an approx. 2 minute commercial We require someone to produce an approx 2 minute film. We have the script. The product is a teeth whitening product where we require a girl to tell about the product. Any suggestions of how the film should be done would be appreciated 14 ออกแบบกราฟิก, ออกแบบชิ้นงานโฆษณา, การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Nov 27, 2017 Nov 27, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $943
create a short surgical/medical video I have a surgeon in Sydney that wants to create a short technical video carrying out tips and tricks of a operation. The film needs to be taken from the recoding within the existing overhead light system and combined with some shots from a second camera showing outside the surgery site. I need some one to handle both cameras function and outputs and collate and edit both elements to produce a clea... 9 การตรวจแก้, การทำวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Nov 26, 2017 Nov 26, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $27
[Miami] Film recording Hello I need someone to provide me shooting material that might result in a video of about about 2' length. The basic equipment (a good camera and microphone) might be enough for this. Location: University of Miami Day: november 27th (preferred) or 28th Time is about to be set up with the freelancer, but it might be during the daylight. [URGENT!] EDITIING NOT REQUIRED Thank yo... 1 การถ่ายภาพ, บริการวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Nov 26, 2017 Nov 26, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $35
professional short film makers Starting a consultation business, and I need a film maker to help me with advertising. Must be physically close to Milton, Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga 1 Filmmaking Nov 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $786
Co Directing You must Direct a film called, "Thru Universes". You must follow what the Director and the Producer must command, because tge picked Co Director is just a Co Director, we will pick 2 Co Directors and that's final. 0 Filmmaking, Cinematography Nov 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Co Directing a Movie In my project, i have a whole stack of crews. I'm the priducer of the new film coming in the cinemas, "The Universes". In my project I will pick 2 Workers(Co Directors) and will do as what I say as a Producer and Director. 0 Filmmaking, Cinematography Nov 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Conference Filming of conference workshops in Oxford required with editing. Monday 27th November. 0 Filmmaking Nov 24, 2017 Nov 24, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Acting Teacher in Kolkata Experience person required for giving tution on acting . Please share video clips of your performance. Lady teacher is preferred as the student is also a lady. 0 Filmmaking Nov 22, 2017 Nov 22, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Abhi TV media enterprises - 19/11/2017 05:54 EST Abhi TV is looking for freelancers with media skills 8 การถ่ายภาพ, การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Nov 19, 2017 Nov 19, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $19
Film Director Need a certified Director of a short 20 minutes bengali film. Location Kolkata is preferred. Work sample is required 2 Filmmaking Nov 18, 2017 Nov 18, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $112
Need a Festival Coordinator in Kuala Lumpur 2018! The Kuala Lumpur Independent Film Festival will be held on January 2018! We need a Local Coordinator! Obligations: - some arrangements before the festival - to stay on and help at the event day Requirements: - Kuala Lumpur location - responsibility - we might need your ID because you might work with licensed films Date of the event: January 2018 Address of the event: MBO Setap... 2 ออกแบบแบนเนอร์, การถ่ายภาพ, การวางแผนกิจกรรม, เจ้าหน้าที่อีเว้นท์, Filmmaking Nov 15, 2017 Nov 15, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $133
Beauty and the beast film analysis project Beauty and the beast film, pick a scene and talk about [url ถูกลบ เข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดู] a 900-1100 words, analysing the film thoroughly and making use of relevant critical concepts. Conduct a formal and cultural film analysis. You are asked to come up with a research question, thesis statement and argument relating to your chosen film. Then you need to analyse how the film is arranged and creates... 4 Filmmaking Nov 13, 2017 Nov 13, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $98
want short film actors in mumbai we want a short film main actor , short film duration "2" minut best acting skills, should be want knowledge of acting, age ( 22 - 30 ) 4 ภาพเคลื่อนไหว, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, iMovie, Filmmaking, Storyboard Nov 9, 2017 Nov 9, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $137
Turning a Short Film Script into a Full Length Movie script I have a short movie script wriiten down that i want to develope and make it a full length movie. 7 การเขียนบทภาพยนตร์, Filmmaking Nov 7, 2017 Nov 7, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $338
female photographer, open minded -- 2 female photographer to take private pictures and record private special moments between couple before/in/after wedding night. you have to be professional, open minded, can stay with us few days 24/7 to not miss archiving any moment. ability to travel is a plus. the job have to be private and confidential. all info will be provided through chat. 2 การถ่ายภาพ, FileMaker, การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Nov 7, 2017 Nov 7, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $5
Royal Rabbitz Adult Filming We are a adult services company and we are looking at filming couples for £100 per hour and included in the price is travel, editing, directing, photos, finalizing and filming. We can help if your a Video Virgin or a Porn Star we can film your night of passion and present it to you in DVD format. 2 Filmmaking Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $332
testingtesting123 -------- REAL BY THE WAY We need a small advertisement made by an Russian actor, will pay good prices. 2 การตรวจแก้, Filmmaking Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $250
I would require a 3D animator to create short films I am the General Secretary of NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble, and we are looking for animators who are willing to create a short film on womanhood for use in our concert (February 2018) 9 ภาพเคลื่อนไหว 3D, เรื่องสั้น, Filmmaking, 2D Animation Nov 2, 2017 Nov 2, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $18
Video Editor and Director of ElKora Fann we Seyasa YouTube Show About KFS: KFS is a soccer entertainment show with a comic twist providing informative, entertaining and interactive soccer related content. The typical show format is a 5-10 minute online episode. KFS is the antithesis of traditional day and night long football shows currently dominating the screens. Job Description: • Show Filming and Editing on Final Cut: 1-Ensure the setting is up t... 5 ออกแบบกราฟิก, การทำวิดีโอ, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking, Content Marketing Oct 31, 2017 Oct 31, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $244
video production ---USA BASED FREELANCER REQUIRED--- we need a professionally produced video as soon as possible for a casting kit as in the link:- [url ถูกลบ เข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดู] 19 บริการวิดีโอ, After Effects, การผลิตวิดีโอ, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 31, 2017 Oct 31, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $623
My Videography Project We are going to film a soccer promo video at our Brighton venue, I have made videos before however I'm looking for someone with a bit of experience. we are looking to shoot in about 3-4 weeks. hopefully we have around 10 people to use in the video. If you are interested I would like to see some previous work of yours cheers :) 6 การทำวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $465
I need a freelancer Hi My name is Jovian i am 14 and i am interested in getting a freelnace cameraman to record a music video for me and my group for a science project 0 Filmmaking Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Mashrabiya Tutorials I want to hire someone to create video tutorials about Mashrabiyas to explain to architects and clients about different features,thickness,finishes etc 12 การถ่ายภาพ, การทำวิดีโอ, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $135
Conduct and record an interview (today!) - 15 minutes Looking for someone to handle an interview with a film director. Questions will be provided. You must ask them and record the interview. Please have prior experience and be based in the UK. I will reach out with additional information. This is a quick and easy task for the right person. 8 บริการระบบเสียง, เสียงพากย์, อังกฤษ (สหราชอาณาจักร), การผลิตเสียง, Filmmaking Oct 30, 2017 Oct 30, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $23
Need actors for horror film in November Looking for actors/actresses that would like to play in a student film. Unnamed at the moment but it's going to be a horror based in Durham, if more info is needed feel free to message me! Main roles (3 males needed), minor roles (1 female, 1 male needed), all 18-25 year olds! Please if you would like to get involved or know someone that might, get in touch! It of course being a student film... 3 การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 29, 2017 Oct 29, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $4
full stack web and mobile javascript development looking for a projects it must be web and mobile development projects 9 Javascript, Windows Desktop, สถาปัตยกรรมซอฟต์แวร์, Filmmaking Oct 28, 2017 Oct 28, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $421
Turn my script into a horror movie Turn my script to 1 hr long movie. Movie will need to look like the movie at the link below (between the 2 minute and 20 minute mark) [url ถูกลบ เข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดู] The movie will have 5- 7 characters. You will need to get actors, the location and everything you need to turn the script into a movie 2 Filmmaking Oct 26, 2017 Oct 26, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $1055
Camera man on Blockchain 360 New York to make video [url ถูกลบ เข้าสู่ระบบเพื่อดู] event will be on 24.10.2017 3-4 p.m in intercontinental hotel times square Make a video of one speaker, contacts will be in chat 0 Filmmaking Oct 24, 2017 Oct 24, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Required for Wedding Invitation video editing I have a video of 1 minute, that needs to be edited. It's a wedding invitation video. [Removed by admin] 25 บริการวิดีโอ, การออกแบบ 3D, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $95
Package and distribute movie on google play, itunes, amazon & youtube We require to upload our own movie on differents platforms to rent and sale it. The movie or film must be available in google play, itunes, amazon & youtube. 5 Google App Engine, YouTube, Amazon Web Services, Apple iBooks Author, Filmmaking Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Female models needed for newly built modelling site We need female models featuring our newly built site, we welcome females who are interested to partner with us. 0 การถ่ายภาพ, การทำวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Need models for our new site We need female models for our new site, we welcome females who are interested to partner with us. 2 การถ่ายภาพ, การทำวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 23, 2017 Oct 23, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $133
Hot models We need hot female model for photo shoot and also for FTV 0 การสร้างแบบจำลองแฟชั่น, Filmmaking Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Make a Video Looking for a potential videographer to take promotional videos of our watches we are branding/creating. Need a few (or several depending on cost) videos of only 1-2 minute duration showcasing the watches. WILLING TO NEGOTIATE COST. 5 การถ่ายภาพ, บริการวิดีโอ, การทำวิดีโอ, การตัดต่อวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว $157
Cameraman in Chicago I'm a filmmaker from Armenia. I'd like to shoot an interview in Chicago in November 2. I need a cameraman with full HD camera for 4 hours. 0 บริการวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 2017หมดเขตแล้ว -
Film's videos short films Shooting film serial short film 0 Filmmaking Oct 17, 2017 วันนี้หมดเขตแล้ว -
Oxxo process The situation is as follows, I work on EBANX. EBANX is a company that processes payments for international sites in Latin America and Mexico as well. I am a producer here and we need to make a video showing the process of a purchase and payment via oxxo. So, where and with whom you would record is at your discretion, in fact, the script is very simple. You can film someone with a notebook (... 14 บริการวิดีโอ, การทำวิดีโอ, การผลิตวิดีโอ, Filmmaking Oct 17, 2017 วันนี้หมดเขตแล้ว $495
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