GameSalad is an easy to use, powerful game development engine ideal for anyone looking to create 2D games with no coding. As one of the first development engines, it’s grown into one of the fastest and most reliable tools available when it comes to creating a great gaming experience. It’s perfect for those looking to create their own mobile or desktop games, or even teach themselves the basics of game development.

GameSalad allows developers to design the elements they need, while focusing on designing with drag-and-drop GUI tools that make it simple to put together great examples of gameplay. A GameSalad developer can create a stunning game without having to enter in any code. Not only that but with hundreds of tutorials that coming along with the engine, users can quickly learn how to start using the software.

Here's some projects that our expert GameSalad Developers have made real:

  • Unlock features for action-packed titles
  • Advanced level design for enhanced gaming experiences
  • Setting up extensive emulation libraries
  • Rank pushing strategies for competitive games
  • Polishing and improving existing templates
  • Developing brand new mobile games from scratch
  • Creating easy-to-learn drag & drop games with no coding required

GameSalad is your go-to development engine whether you’re looking for someone to design something brand new or make adjustments to existing concepts - so why wait? has plenty of talented developers experienced in using GameSalad ready and willing to work on your project. Post your project today and make your dream game a reality!

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