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Build a templated pdf of json file I am looking for the ability to create a pdf like the one attached from .json files like the one attached. It is important that this is not a one off document and it is a program or script created so that I can make this template pdf any amount of times possible. Key thing: Need to be able to change the logos up the top and down the bottom Need to be able to have up to 18 teams of up to 7 names p... 15 PHP, ออกแบบเว็บไซต์, ออกแบบกราฟิก, PDF, JSON Jun 17, 2018 วันนี้6 ว 5 ชม. $9
Build me an adult cam website using Chatterbate.com affiliate program. I have a domain name and I have an account with [login to view URL] affiliate program. Please become familiar with Chatterbate's Affiliate program and know how to make a complete website using the affiliate links. Some of the work includes: RSS/Atom Tools API - Users Online (XML, .JSON, YAML) Embed Cam & Chat Rooms including RevShare iFrame Left handed sorting options similar to [logi... 0 JSON, PHP, RSS, ออกแบบเว็บไซต์, XML Jun 17, 2018 วันนี้9 ว 5 ชม. $110
Redirect after subscribe to push notification using onesignal API I would like to develop a small function that redirects the user after subscribing for push notifications. 14 Javascript, AJAX, jQuery / Prototype, node.js, JSON Jun 16, 2018 Jun 16, 20185 ว 12 ชม. $17
Front End Developer Needed for Mapbox Project Looking for a front end developer and Mapbox Studio expert to create a map in Mapbox GL and integrate it with my wordpress site. This job includes: Optimization for mobile Customized zoom levels display Creation of custom icons (graphics supplied) Uploading data (data supplied) 16 Javascript, Mobile App Development, WordPress, การทำแผนที่และแผนที่, JSON Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184 ว 8 ชม. $177
Build me a website i have hosted my website on google firebase and i want to a person to code for me its a free interactive platform for students . 30 ออกแบบเว็บไซต์, ออกแบบกราฟิก, HTML, JSON Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184 ว 6 ชม. $9
Payment Packages 1: I have Four payment Packages - One week KES 100 - Two Weeks KES 200 - One Month KES 300 - Six Months KES 500 Want when a user makes payment we send them a password that is valid for a specific amount of time, dependent on the package they have paid. 2: Am connected to a Rest API, where we log payments received. 3: When users make payment, we send text messages of payment received 27 PHP, WordPress, MySQL, JSON Jun 15, 2018 Jun 15, 20184 ว 3 ชม. $76
Web based app development (back-end server & database) Seeking a developer to develop a back-end database that will be used for a web-based application. The database is intended to be used as an MVP and future consideration of scaling and seamless integration with mobile development. Project: The purpose of the web-based application is to enable users to browse, compare, review, and purchase products. The back-end will need to filter data and receive ... 23 Javascript, สถาปัตยกรรมซอฟต์แวร์, MySQL, node.js, JSON Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183 ว 19 ชม. $144
Create webservice in PHP that gets a JSON post I currently have a webservice on C# and would like to migrate it to PHP. This webservice gets a JSON string and in the same way it respond to client. 66 PHP, XML, การเขียนโปรแกรม C#, MySQL, JSON Jun 14, 2018 Jun 14, 20183 ว 7 ชม. $19
Finish my gambling Website I need someone to complete my gambling website, frontend and a little bit of backend. The design template has been done already. Please contact me for more details 38 PHP, ออกแบบเว็บไซต์, ออกแบบกราฟิก, HTML, JSON Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182 ว 21 ชม. $578
Mine a bunch of specific data from a list of literary-journal websites I have a list of 310 literary journals, and a list of a bunch of specific pieces of information about the journals, their general submissions process, and their individual submissions periods. I need someone to go through each site and pull specific pieces of information located on the site, or on a submittable page, and load it all up into a json array. It's not a complicated schema, and I&#... 20 คีย์ข้อมูล, Web Scraping, การทำเหมืองข้อมูล, JSON, Web Crawling Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182 ว 16 ชม. $10
Zapier Webhook Catch JSON Assistance I am working on an enhancement of a form to my ticketing system. The form sends the JSON data to Zapier as a Webhook Catch request. In Zapier I need to have the data extracted as individual fields. The data captured by Zapier is attached. Within Zapier I need the extracted fields/data to be usable to pass to other actions. The fields I am looking for are: User's Full Name - Damian Stalls... 1 Javascript, Python, JSON, Scripting Jun 13, 2018 Jun 13, 20182 ว 4 ชม. $27
API SEARCH WORDPRESS We need some wordpress developer to help us to fix some connection issue on our page, like: API CONNECTIONS, FILTERS, URL TO REDIRECT RESULTS FROM A CALL. all of this its for a metasearch. 8 PHP, Javascript, WordPress, HTML, JSON Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20181 ว 10 ชม. $4
Mobile tools to mimic user actions On behalf of an entertainment company, looking for freelancer to write a program (preferable run on android mobile) to generate likes, subscriber and comments on youtube or something that can mimic user actions on mobile. I can previde ideas if you have skill, price negotiable. 22 Mobile App Development, HTML, JSON Jun 12, 2018 Jun 12, 20181 ว 8 ชม. $1027
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