Microsoft Hololens is a revolutionary piece of technology developed by Microsoft. What truly sets it apart is that it consists of a mixed reality headset, running on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. With the help of a Microsoft Hololens Developer, many possibilities are unleashed, allowing applications in almost any vertical market to be augmented with the new found mixed reality capabilities. This allows the introduction of 3D elements over what is seen out in the real world, as seen through the headset.

Essentially, these virtual elements are embedded into the physical world, and have been designed to allow for unprecedented new ways of gaming, communicating and creation in all forms. The role of a Microsoft Hololens Developer is key in bringing this to life, by developing custom applications for their clients’ specific needs. Experiences and interactions with 3D elements can be designed using Unity, which is closely tied to the HoloLens development platform.

Here's some projects that our expert Microsoft Hololens Developer made real:

  • Developed realistic 3D models and textures perfect for virtual reality and augmented reality applications
  • Created small fixes on existing projects and maintained code performance
  • Built complete apps ready to be published in Microsoft App Store
  • Developed compelling experiences with built-in interactive elements

Microsoft Hololens provides an advanced platform for businesses to create deeper experiences with their clients or prospects. Developers can build both entertaining and productive applications, giving customers the opportunity to interact with the physical world in novel ways never seen before. If you’re looking for an awesome way to excite your clients or customers, a chat with our skilled Microsoft Hololens Developer could be a smart move. Post your project on today!

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