Photo Editing is a powerful and versatile skill set that can produce visually stunning and captivating results. With the aid of talented Photo Editors, clients can enhance their images, create realistic photo manipulations, and showcase their products in the best light. Photo Editors use their expertise in various software tools and techniques to adjust colors, layers, tones, and textures of an image, providing unique and engaging visual content for your brand.

Here're some projects that our expert Photo Editors made real:

  • Transforming product images with color adjustments for e-commerce stores
  • Professional retouching of portraits and event photography
  • Realistic photo manipulation and digital art creation
  • Edit illustrations for marketing materials
  • Improve the overall visual appeal of website images
  • Create visually compelling video commercials and reels

With the expertise of's diverse pool of Photo Editors, every project is tailored to meet your specific needs. Clients have successfully hired freelancers from our platform to work on a wide range of projects - from commercial retouching to artistic compositions. The skilled professionals on our site have a deep understanding of the latest trends in image editing as well as proficiency in software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and other industry-standard tools.

Whether you have a set vision in mind or are open to exploring the creative possibilities, hiring a Photo Editor on will ensure that your images stand out from the competition. Don't wait any longer - post your project today and let our talented freelancers bring your vision to life!

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    167 งานที่พบ, การเสนอราคา USD

    I'm looking for a skilled Photoshop artist to superimpose two of my existing photos onto a photo that has jumbotron-style screen behind me This project includes tasks: * Removing the background from the two images * Adjusting color and contrast to match the overall look of the jumbotron "screen" * Superimposing these pictures onto the jumbotron Ideal freelancers will have: * Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop * Extensive experience with photo manipulation, specifically object superimposition * A keen eye for details in color adjustment and contrast * Ability to work timely and accurately No additional effects are required for this task. I anticipate a quick and straightforward project for an experienced freelancer.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
    $23 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    30 คำเสนอราคา
    Product Photographer for Leather Bags 6 วัน left

    I'm in need of a professional photographer to take product-focused shots of my leather bags in an indoor studio in Kolkata. The focus of this shoot will be on a white background. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in product photography, particularly in a studio setting - Ability to create high quality images with a clean, minimalistic aesthetic - Strong understanding of lighting, composition and post-production techniques - Prior experience working with leather goods or luxury items is a plus In addition to the photography, I require the following additional services: - Photo editing/enhancement: You will be responsible for editing and enhancing the images taken during the shoot to ensure they are of the highest quality. - Graphic design for promotional materials: I...

    $138 (Avg Bid)
    $138 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    3 คำเสนอราคา

    I am looking for a skilled picture editor with experience in modifying picture backgrounds. Particularly, I have 2,3 picture where I need to replace the original background. • Job Details: The task involves the replacement of the current image background. I've not yet decided on the type of background that should replace the current one, so I would really appreciate if you could provide a selection of options. • Skills: Experience in photo manipulation software such as Photoshop, and a keen-eye for detail are essential. A good understanding of copyright law while dealing with images would be a plus. If you are meticulous and skilled in changing picture backgrounds, I'd like to talk an engage you for this task.

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    28 คำเสนอราคา
    E-commerce Photo Editing Specialist 6 วัน left

    I'm in need of a photo editor for my e-commerce business. The ideal candidate will have experience with background removal, color correction, and image resizing. Key Responsibilities: - Editing 50-100 product images - Implementing background removal, color correction, and image resizing as needed . Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Experience with e-commerce product images editing Please provide examples of similar work and your Portfolio

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    30 คำเสนอราคา

    I am in need of a talented photographer who has access to a professional studio and equipment. The project will involve capturing around 30 belt buckles ('kemer tokalari') in a studio setting - the location near Gokturk is a priority. Key requirements: - Expertise in studio photography - Access to a professional studio and necessary equipment - Proximity to Gokturk location - Experience in product photography I am open to discussing the possibility of additional photo editing and retouching services post shoot. Please demonstrate your experience and skills in your proposal.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    $100 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    1 คำเสนอราคา
    Weekly Social Media Photo Editing 6 วัน left

    I'm in need of an experienced photo editor who can dedicate time each week to edit 3 photos for my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I will take the photos but I need them to look polished and professional. Key Requirements: - Color Correction: Ensure each photo has the right balance of brightness, contrast, and saturation to be appealing to a young adult audience. - Retouching: Edit the photos to remove any imperfections and enhance their visual appeal. - Background Removal: Occasionally the photos will need the background removed, for a clean, stylish look. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in photo editing, particularly for social media. - A good eye for the look and feel that appeals to a young adult audience. - Proficiency in tools like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom e...

    $16 (Avg Bid)
    $16 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    71 คำเสนอราคา

    Hello, I recently photographed a family housewarming ceremony and need a skilled freelance photo editor to enhance and retouch the images. The task includes editing around 100-150 photos and a few short videos (10-20). The goal is to improve the overall quality and aesthetics of the images, making them look polished and professional. Requirements: Experience in photo editing and retouching Proficiency with software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom Attention to detail and a good eye for aesthetics Ability to deliver high-quality edits in a timely manner Please provide examples of your previous work along with your quote and your expected turnaround time. Looking forward to working with you!

    $256 (Avg Bid)
    $256 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    17 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in need of an experienced photo editor to work on a set of images for my project. The images require a variety of adjustments, as outlined below. - **Color correction:** I need the color balance, saturation, and contrast of the images adjusted to ensure they're vibrant and visually appealing. - **Retouching:** Some of the photos may require blemish removal, skin smoothing, or other minor touch-ups to enhance their overall quality. - **Colour Grading:** I want a consistent, attractive color scheme to be applied across all images, suitable for their intended use on our business website and social media platforms. The deadline for this project is one week, so I'm looking for a skilled professional who can efficiently deliver high-quality work within this timeframe. Since ...

    $24 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $24 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    10 คำเสนอราคา

    I am in need of a Photoshop expert who can work on a photo of two individuals, fulfilling several editing criteria: 1. Removal of the person on the left side of the image. 2. Brightening the complexion of the remaining individual and cleaning up natural look. (Brightening eyes and under eye bags subtly, lightening right underfoot, and if possible match the tan on my hand to my feet to appear smaller. If not possibly done without noticeability, then no worries! 3. Slightly reduce waist and tighten stomach. Skills and Experience: The freelancer needs to have solid expertise in Adobe Photoshop, particularly in skin enhancement and achieving a natural final look. A portfolio showcasing previous similar works would be a great advantage. Attention to detail is key, as I want the final result to...

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    49 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm seeking an experienced photo editor who can deliver enhanced and polished photos. Your tasks will involve extensive photo editing without specific criteria, so creativity is a must. Key Responsibilities: - Enhancing photos to look polished and high-quality - Applying creative techniques to improve photo aesthetics Ideal Skills: - Excellent photo editing skills - Creativity and an eye for details - Proficient in up-to-date editing software Please note, the end product delivery method is open for discussion. Your suggestion based on the project brief would be appreciated.

    $46 (Avg Bid)
    $46 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    16 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in search for an experienced Photoshop artist or photo editor who can enhance some old pictures I have. The main aim is to increase the image quality. Since I did not specifically answer the modification types, your main responsibilities will merely include: - Improving the visuals until they're clear, but not necessarily transforming the images entirely or focusing on highly detailed work. - Any changes you deem appropriate to achieve the goal of clearer visuals. Skills and Experience: - Adobe Photoshop or similar software - A solid understanding and experience in old photo restoration - Proven ability to improve image quality without extensive modifications. Looking for someone with a genuine passion for bringing old photos to life!

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    59 คำเสนอราคา
    Enhance image quality 6 วัน left

    I need to enhance quality of a scanned image - normalize lighting, colors and text.

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    22 คำเสนอราคา
    Photo Restoration Services 6 วัน left

    I have a collection of 1-10 photos that I need to be restored. The photos have faded colors, scratches, tears, and water damage. I am looking for a talented graphic designer to restore the original color and vibrancy of the photos, repair visible scratches and tears, and remove any water stains and damage. Key Requirements: - Expertise in photo restoration - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or similar software - Attention to detail - Strong communication skills - Ability to meet deadlines If you have a portfolio of similar work, please include it in your bid. I'm hoping to find someone with the right skills and experience to bring these precious memories back to life.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    68 คำเสนอราคา
    Trophy icon Minimal Edits: Isolate Girl in Photo 2 วัน left

    I have a photo featuring a group of individuals, but I'm interested in isolating only the girls dressed in white. For this project, I'm looking for a freelancer who can retain the high resolution quality of the image while making minimal edits. Key requirements: - Remove all other individuals from the photo - Keep only the girls in white - Ensure that the image is not heavily edited Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Experience with high resolution images - Attention to detail and minimalistic editing approach Please note that the photo is currently in JPEG format. I'm looking for a freelancer who can deliver high-quality results with minimal disruption to the original image.

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    Corporate Event Photographer Needed 6 วัน left

    I'm in need of a skilled photographer to cover a corporate event. Key Details: - The event is a corporate gathering, I'm interested in capturing candid moments of the attendees - The aim is to provide a collection of candid shots that can be used for external communication purposes Freelancer Requirements: - Experience: I'm primarily looking for someone with a strong background in corporate event photography. Please provide examples of your previous work in this area. - Attention to Detail: Capturing candid moments is crucial, so I need a photographer with an eye for human moments and the ability to work discretely. - Communication Skills: Clear and professional communication is essential. Looking forward to your application!

    $618 (Avg Bid)
    $618 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    3 คำเสนอราคา

    I am seeking a skilled professional photographer proficient in outdoor photography for my proposal. The ideal candidate has: - A knack for capturing raw and beautiful moments outdoors. - Experience with proposal photography, preferably in cityscape settings. - A versatile range of styles, as I'm not particularly set on a specific one. - The ability to advise on best times for shooting in a cityscape setting to optimize lighting and scenery. Mandatory requirement is previous experience in similar projects with a portfolio to show for it. Bring your creativity and adaptability to create a memorable experience!

    $33 - $271
    $33 - $271
    0 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm seeking a talented product photographer specialized in capturing fashion items at its best. As the task involves: - Creating high-quality photos for an assortment of my fashion products. The exact number of items will be discussed further as I skipped this detail. - I will provide all the fashion products that need to be photographed. Thus, no need for sourcing products. Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in fashion photography. - Strong portfolio showcasing the quality of their work. - Eye for detail and creativity. - Ability to work with different types of fashion products. Let's bring my fashion products to life through your lens!

    $7 - $18
    $7 - $18
    0 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm searching for a skilled photo editor to aid in the enhancement of my Airbnb photos, to catch the eyes of potential guests. I would also like to take new photos. The task will require: -Brightening of the images to ensure details are visible and appealing. - Enhancement of colors to make the pictures pop, while preserving a sense of realism. - Emphasizing the unique architectural features of my Airbnb property. and taking new photos The ideal freelancer would have experience in photo editing, particularly in real estate or accommodation photography. An eye for modern aesthetic design is necessary, to align with the aesthetic of the property. Understanding how to balance color brightening without compromising the style or the architecture focus is essential. If you can artistic...

    $886 (Avg Bid)
    $886 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    10 คำเสนอราคา
    Photoshop Expert Needed 6 วัน left

    I need someone to put the 'cage' or design an equivalent look (it's a car port basically) and superimpose that onto the '' file The "width and location" pdf will give you the size width and general layout of the 'carport' structure on the field for the file - the white trim that is on the farthest left wall of the storage barn (the structure with the garage door) to the bright yellow pole is about 72 feet

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    101 คำเสนอราคา

    I need a professional who can skillfully adjust the fit of my dress in my bridal portraits. Specifically, I require: - Alteration of the dress's shape on my body - Expertise in digital image manipulation - Ability to maintain a natural-looking result This will not simply be a case of making the dress appear tighter or looser, but actually changing its contour and shape on my figure. Proficiency in Photoshop or similar software and experience with fashion or bridal images is desirable.

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    $83 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    61 คำเสนอราคา
    Professional Retouching for 50 Portraits 6 วัน left

    I'm looking for an experienced photo retoucher to work on 50 portrait photos. Key Requirements: - Removal of blemishes: It's important to me that the portraits are clean and free from any imperfections. - Natural skin smoothing: I'm looking for a professional finish, but nothing overly airbrushed or unnatural. - Adjusting lighting and color: I'd like for you to enhance the images by adjusting both the lighting and color, to make them pop. Ideal Skills: - Experience with portrait retouching: I need someone who has a proven track record of enhancing portrait photos. - Skilled in blemish removal and skin smoothing: You should be able to make sure that the skin looks flawless without looking artificial. - Proficient in color correction and lighting adjustments: I'm ...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    $108 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    115 คำเสนอราคา

    Hi! In our wedding pictures, quite a few important family members are missing. I'm hoping to find an experienced photo editor who can seamlessly incorporate these individuals into our pictures, with convincing lighting and perspective adjustments. Specifically, the project requirements are: - Add people to already captured wedding pictures based on provided reference photos. - Position the added family members next to the bride or groom, following their importance. - Retouch and adjust the edited photo to make it look as natural as possible. I can provide several reference photos for each of the people to be added. Ideally, freelancers bidding on this project would have extensive experience with professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, and a portfolio demonstratin...

    $85 (Avg Bid)
    $85 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    72 คำเสนอราคา

    I am looking for a creative and quick hand to correct overcast weather effects and add overall edits on about 10-12 of my graduation photos. Your primary tasks will be: - Adjust brightness and contrast on each image to give them a fresh, brighter look - Enhance/promote the color vibrancy in each photo to counterbalance the lackluster appearance caused by overcast skies Since I skipped the question about specific color adjustments, you are free to use your expertise to make the necessary color enhancements you see fit subject to my approval. Completion Time: This project is urgent - I would like this task completed ASAP. As the ideal freelancer for this project, you should be experienced in photo editing and skilled in brightness/contrast adjustments and color enhancements. You shoul...

    $88 (Avg Bid)
    $88 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    112 คำเสนอราคา
    High-Res Photo Pinky Finger Extension 6 วัน left

    I am currently looking for a proficient photo editor who can edit an image of my hand, specifically to fully extend my pinky finger. The original image is high-resolution, so I'll need someone who can handle that kind of quality and maintain it in the edited version. Key Requirements: - Expertise in photo editing software (Photoshop or similar) - Proven ability to edit high-resolution photos - Fine detail attention ensuring natural-looking modification - Quick turnaround time This task requires great precision, so previous experience in detailed photo editing is highly desired.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    91 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm looking for a skilled image editor to help with my social media content. The main task for this job is to create and edit images that are suitable for my posts on various social media platforms. Key responsibilities include: - Image Editing: I need someone who is proficient in handling image editing software and can enhance and modify images to make them visually appealing and engaging. - Text Overlay: You will be responsible for adding text onto the images. This text should be catchy, in line with the message I'm trying to convey, and in a style that is consistent with my brand. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proven experience in image editing, especially for social media content. - A good understanding of what type of images are most effective on differen...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    28 คำเสนอราคา
    Photo Editing 6 วัน left

    I have a collection of photos that need professional editing for social media purposes. The key requirements for this project include: - Color Correction: I want the images to have a natural and realistic look. This will involve adjusting the colors and tones of the images to ensure they look professional and appealing on social media platforms. - Retouching: I need the images to be enhanced in a way that maintains a natural and realistic look. This will involve removing any imperfections and enhancing the overall quality of the images without making them look overly edited. - Background Removal: There are some images where the background needs to be removed entirely or replaced with something more suitable for social media. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency i...

    $335 (Avg Bid)
    $335 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    81 คำเสนอราคา
    Enhance Wedding Photos with Classic Touch 1 ชั่วโมง left

    I need a proficient photo editor to enhance and retouch my wedding pictures. I'm aiming to keep the classic and natural vibe in all photos. The job entails: 1. Brightening and adjusting exposure: Ensure attention to details as some photos might be under or overexposed. 2. Removing blemishes, wrinkles, and extra fatness: Precision in this task is vital. I'm looking for someone who can make us look our best without making our appearance seem artificial or drastically different. 3. Adjusting color balance: Keep in mind that all photos should lean toward a natural and classic mood. 4. • MAKE THE BRIDE AND GROOM LOOK SLIM!! NO DOUBLE CHINS. NO TUMMY. NO FAT ASS. NO BULDGING BODY PARTS. SLIM AND GOOD LOOKING. The focus of the editing should be on certain individuals and major...

    $79 (Avg Bid)
    $79 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    56 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in need of a skillful individual who's adept at photo editing. The main task will be to create Marazzi product photos in portrait dimensions and give them appropriate product codes. Skills required: - Advanced photo editing skills - Attention to detail The project is quite straightforward and I'm happy to discuss any queries over a call or on WhatsApp. The photos will not require any specific enhancements or edits, so it's mainly about accurately creating and naming these images.

    $104 (Avg Bid)
    $104 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    45 คำเสนอราคา

    I am seeking the expertise of a professional photographer to capture a unique family moment for us at the Grand Floridian Hotel. Specifics of the project are as follows: • Scheduled Time: Preference is for an evening shoot to take advantage of the possibly dramatic backdrop. • Style Requirements: The photoshoot is envisaged to be thematic, so a freelancer with experience in such style of photography will be highly preferred. Suggestions as well as guidance for the theme will be appreciated. • Subject Count: The family consists of less than 5 members. The photographer should be conversant in directing small groups and positioning them in a way that elicits the best composition and expressions. Skills and experience in outdoor and low-light photography will be essential d...

    min $50 / hr
    min $50 / hr
    0 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in need of a professional photo editor proficient in a variety of editing tasks. I require a comprehensive set of edits applied to a batch of photos within a strict deadline. Key Requirements: - Color Correction: The photos need to be adjusted to achieve consistent and appealing color balance. - Blemish Removal: The images should be cleared of any imperfections or blemishes, while maintaining a natural look. - Background Removal: The background of each photo should be removed, leaving the subjects in a clear, professional manner. File Format: The photos are in IMG format, so you should be able to handle this type of file. Deadline: It's essential that this project is completed within 5 days. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in photo editing software - Experience with col...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    11 คำเสนอราคา

    I am looking for a photographer with expertise in capturing natural, candid shots to conduct a photo shoot for my family. This involves 4-6 family members and will be set against the beautiful backdrop of a beach. Key Tasks: - Capturing candid shots of each family member - Shooting candid and posed group family photos - Ensuring high-quality, visually appealing pictures Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in candid photography - Ability to capture intimate and natural moments - Previous experience in beach photography or similar settings The photos will be for personal use, commemorating our family union at this time. I prefer images that capture genuine family dynamics and natural beach ambiance over posed portraits. Your creative suggestions are also welcome in order to make the sho...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    0 คำเสนอราคา

    El trabajo consiste en la recopilación, edición y normalización de imágenes y videos, segun archivo adjunto

    $196 (Avg Bid)
    $196 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    25 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in need of a professional photographer experienced in product photography. The focus will be mainly on industrial machines, a physical product in the electronics industry. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in modern photography technologies and techniques. - Experienced in industrial product photography. - Able to effectively highlight the unique aspects of industrial machines. - Experience in the electronics industry would be beneficial. Expectations: - High-resolution images suitable for use in marketing materials. - Images that can provide comprehensive views of the machines. - Photography session to be conducted at the location where the machines are located. If you have the required skills and experience, I am looking forward to your bids.

    $168 (Avg Bid)
    $168 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    2 คำเสนอราคา
    $22 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    41 คำเสนอราคา

    I am in need of a photo retouching expert who can skilfully remove the shadows from a face in a photo, while still maintaining a somewhat natural look. The focus after the shadow removal should be on improving the overall skin tone. Skills & Experience Required: - Proficient in photo editing software such as Photoshop - Skilled in both shadow removal and color correction - Able to subtly enhance photos while maintaining some naturalness - Expertise in skin tone improvement.

    $29 (Avg Bid)
    $29 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    42 คำเสนอราคา

    I am in need of a professional photographer with experience in traditional wedding photography. It's crucial to capture the essence of this milestone moment in a timeless and classic manner. Key Requirements: - Specialize in wedding photography, with a traditional style. - Able to provide pre-wedding photoshoot services. - Portfolio demonstrating previous work in this style. - Reliable and professional approach to the project. Freelancers with proven experience in similar projects will be preferred. Please ensure when applying, your portfolio should reflect your expertise in traditional wedding photography.

    $256 - $769
    $256 - $769
    0 คำเสนอราคา
    Photo Editing Guru Needed! 5 วัน left

    I'm seeking a proficient Photoshop expert to edit a batch of 10-50 personal photos. The scope of work includes: - Color correction to enhance the visual appeal of each image. - Background removal to isolate subjects or enhance overall composition. - Retouching to refine the appearance of subjects and the overall quality of images. The final, edited photos will be utilized for personal use. Ideal candidates should have: - Strong experience with Adobe Photoshop. - Excellent eye for detail and image composition. - Proven track record in color correction, background removal, and retouching. If you have the skills and availability to take on this project, I'd love to hear from you!

    $861 (Avg Bid)
    $861 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    118 คำเสนอราคา

    I require a skilled Photoshop designer, well-versed in the abstract design style, to create 1-5 designs for my t-shirt brand. The designs should be colorful and vibrant, adhering to a theme of bright colors. Desired Skills: - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop - Experience in abstract design - Ability to work with bright color palettes Responsibilities: - Create 1-5 original, abstract designs for t-shirts - Incorporate vivid, bright colors into each design - Deliver high-quality, print-ready files in Photoshop format I look forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing how we can bring my vision for these t-shirt designs to life.

    $62 (Avg Bid)
    $62 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    32 คำเสนอราคา
    Enhance image quality 5 วัน left

    I need to enhance quality of a scanned image - normalize lighting, colors and text.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    58 คำเสนอราคา

    I need an experienced photo editor to enhance 20 photos for my properties. Key Tasks: - Quality adjustments: Ensure that the photos are sharp and clear to attract potential guests. - Lighting fixes: Enhance and correct the lighting in each photo for a more appealing look. - Color correction: Make the colors pop, and adjust them to look vibrant and appealing. Specific Tags: - Add Booking tags - Add Airbnb tags - Add Instagram tags - Add Website tag Timeline: - The project needs to be completed within one week. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in photo editing software - Experience in editing photos for Booking and Airbnb - Knowledge of how to enhance and adjust lighting - Ability to add specific tags to photos - Excellent at color correction - Time management skills to meet the one week de...

    $69 (Avg Bid)
    $69 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    59 คำเสนอราคา
    Urgent Graphic Design & Photo Editing 5 วัน left

    I'm in urgent need of a talented graphic designer who can also perform photo editing tasks. The specific tasks are primarily related to my Photo Studio and include: - Editing photos: This involves color correction, removing blemishes, wrinkles, and performing background removal. - Adding clothes to photos: This is an essential task for my studio's needs. I’m looking for someone who can complete the tasks as soon as possible, without compromising quality. The ideal candidate for this role should have a good eye for design, be proficient in Photoshop, and have experience in the mentioned areas. Please share your relevant experience in your proposal.

    $57 (Avg Bid)
    $57 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    140 คำเสนอราคา
    Edit/photoshop photo 5 วัน left

    Hi, I am wanting help sharpen up my outfit for my grad photo to be printed. Just want to flatten the tie against my shirt and potentially fix the hood evenness, just make it look generally more tidy. If you could also make me look a bit skinner around the stomach/chest and face. Nothing radical as i want it to still look normal and not hugely edited.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    73 คำเสนอราคา
    Photo Editor Needed: Add Realistic Arm 5 วัน left

    I have a photo that requires an extra arm added. I am looking for a professional photo editor who has the skills to add this arm in a realistic manner, matching the original photo's tone and style. The task involves the following specifics: - Adding a realistic arm in the left side of the photo - Ensuring the color, texture, and overall look of the added arm matches that of the original photo In your application, please include a detailed proposal regarding how you plan to undertake this task. Past work examples demonstrating your proficiency in photo editing and particularly in realistic additions are highly encouraged. Ideal Skills for this project: - Proficiency in photo editing software (e.g., Photoshop, Lightroom) - Experience in realistic photo editing - Strong attention to d...

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    34 คำเสนอราคา

    I. Looking for videography or photographer to record my clubbing video and click candid picture for my Instagram profile

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    1 คำเสนอราคา

    I have an overexposed image of a fish that needs some professional attention. The overexposure has made the fish in the photo hard to see, thus I require an expert in photo editing to adjust the brightness and contrast in a way that makes the fish visible: - The precise level of brightness and contrast is uncertain, but the goal is to clearly visualize the fish in the photo, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing image. - The focus is not restricted to the foreground or background, the overall image needs to be worked on to clearly see the fish and the man holding it. Ideal skills and experience for this task would be in photo editing and image enhancement, particularly in handling overexposed pictures and proficiency in software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. A keen eye for det...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    35 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in search of a skilled graphically talented individual who is proficient in Photoshop. You will be merging two separate photos to create one that features my late brother and our niece together. They never had the chance to be photographed together, so this holds significant sentimental value. Key Requirements include: •Meticulously combine two distinct photographs. •Retain their unique features without distortion. •Background should be a family room to maintain a domestic and familiar feel. •Ensure the mood of the photograph emanates love. •The final deliverable should be a digital image. Ideal freelancer should have: •Expertise in photo editing and manipulation. •Experience with Photoshop. •A keen eye for detail ensuring a realistic ...

    $230 (Avg Bid)
    $230 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    54 คำเสนอราคา

    As the client, I am looking for a skilled event photographer who specializes in capturing genuine moments with a unique touch. Requirements: - Availability for 2-4 hours which is negotiable depending on the event flow. - Proven experience in successfully documenting high school reunions or similar events is desirable. - Proficiency in capturing group photos and candid shots. Demonstrated ability to blend into the environment to capture authentic smiles and interactions. Ideally, the photographer should understand the nature and dynamics of a high school reunion - the joy, the nostalgia and friendships. I look forward to working with someone who can take memorable pictures that we'll cherish for a lifetime.

    $500 (Avg Bid)
    $500 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    1 คำเสนอราคา
    Color Grading Pictures 5 วัน left

    I need some expert in Color Grading and Retouch

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    80 คำเสนอราคา

    I'm in need of a skilled professional for some photo editing tasks. The job includes but not limited to: - Basic retouching: The photos need some touch-ups to look their best. - Advanced image manipulation: For some shots, it's more than just touch-ups. You would require a good sense of aesthetics and an understanding of image manipulation and digital art. - Background removal: Some images need a clean and distraction-free background. These edited photos will be used for various tasks including social media posts, product images, and personal use. It's essential that you have a clear understanding of different visual requirements for each of these use cases. I need the edited photos in JPEG format. Hence, experience in working on this file format would be quite beneficial...

    $226 (Avg Bid)
    $226 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    10 คำเสนอราคา

    For my treasured Indian wedding photographs, I'm in need of a talented editor who has an eye for trend-setting color grading nuances. The primary tasks involved are: - Comprehensive color correction - Implementing advanced color grading techniques The ideal freelancer for this task should have: - Abundant experience in photo color correction, retouching, background removal and trendy style color grading. - Mastery in replicating specific color grading styles, namely the trendy color grades. - An understanding of the importance of these pictures and who can gracefully capture the essence and vibrancy of an Indian wedding. Freelancers with experience in editing Indian wedding photos will be given preference. I am gonna give bunch of projects so let me know the prices accordingly. I...

    $89 (Avg Bid)
    $89 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    6 คำเสนอราคา


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