Shopping can be one of the most enjoyable or tedious activities depending on your lifestyle and your needs. Hire a Shopper to help you search and make the purchase decisions for you. Professional shoppers can ensure that you make good decisions, get the best prices, do the hard work of comparison shopping, seek out hard-to-find items and move into or out of your current space within minimal time.

Here's some projects that our expert Shoppers made real:

  • Doing research in national markets to compare prices and collecting samples
  • Working in international markets for price monitoring and analysis
  • Personal shopping in various countries for clients that require assistance with their purchases
  • Online assistance for clients for their various shopping needs

Whether you need to research a product or do completed field research for product pricing in various cities, or if you have too many errands to run, hire a Shopper to make sure that all those tasks are completed seamlessly. Professional Shoppers are experienced, talented and efficient enough to be a great asset in any shopping experience.

If you are looking for an effortless shopping experience, hire an expert Shopper and post your project today on! We have many highly qualified professionals ready to take on your shopping project right away. Post your project and streamline the process by having our experts take care of all of your needs without any hassle.

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    6 งานที่พบ, การเสนอราคา USD
    Package forwarder needed in USA 6 วัน left

    I am seeking a USA package forwarder who lives in any one of these states (California, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and New York) who specializes in international shipping. I prefer DHL/FedEx as the shipping carrier for the packages, and will need assistance with any type of items being shipped. This means that the forwarder should have experience dealing with items of varied sizes, weights and shapes, along with any additional custom documentation needed. The forwarder should also be able to provide specialized services such as reshipping within the US. I am looking for a forwarder who can provide fast, reliable, and secure shipping solutions. I need someone on the mainland USA to receive packages, that can only be delivered within USA. I then need this product repacked (su...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    1 คำเสนอราคา
    i want someone get biochemistry notes for me 4 วัน left

    i want someone get biochemistry notes for me from medicosis site

    $83 (Avg Bid)
    $83 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    7 คำเสนอราคา
    Penjualan makanan 4 วัน left

    Puding Nata de Coco Bahan dan Alat yang Digunakan: • 1 bungkus agar-agar rasa strawberry • 1 bungkus Nata de Coco • 1 bungkus susu bubuk • 7 gelas belimbing air • 8 sdm gula pasir Cara Pembuatan: • Pertama, campurkan agar-agar, gula pasir, dan susu ke dalam panci, lalu aduk sampai rata. • Selanjutnya, tambahkan air dan panaskan hingga mendidih dan aduk lagi sampai rata. • Siapkanlah wadah dan tuang selapis adonan atau sekitar 2 mm. • Tuang kembali selapis adonan saat adonan pertama sudah mengeras. • Selanjutnya, diamkan sejenak sampai mengeras, kemudian kamu bisa tambahkan Nata de Coco di atas pudingnya. • Puding Nata de Coco pun siap disajikan. Rincian Biaya: • Modal awal: Rp30.000 • 1 pack susu: Rp10.000 &b...

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
    0 คำเสนอราคา
    Purchase and shipment of food samples Bulgaria 3 วัน left

    Project Details: I am looking for a freelancer to assist me in purchasing and shipping perishable food samples from local supermarkets and discount stores in Bulgaria. The ideal candidate should have experience in handling perishable items and be knowledgeable about the supermarkets in the area. Responsibilities: - Purchase the specific food samples listed by me - Ensure that the chosen food samples meet quality and freshness standards - Arrange for the shipment of the food samples Preferred Method of Shipment: The preferred method of shipment for this project is express shipping. The project step by step: 1. Υou will be provided with a list of products (mainly Olives, antipasti, refrigerated snacks) 2. We organize together the purchase of the packaging materials (1 thermo box ...

    $7 - $13 / hr
    $7 - $13 / hr
    0 คำเสนอราคา
    Help making the new paypal business account working 2 ชั่วโมง left

    I am looking for someone to help me with my new PayPal US business account and specifically with the issue of bank verification. I have already contacted PayPal's support, but they have not been able to provide a solution so far. Skills and experience required for this job: - Strong knowledge and experience with PayPal business accounts - Expertise in bank verification processes - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to account verification - Excellent communication skills to effectively communicate with PayPal's support team - Problem-solving mindset to find alternative solutions if needed

    $165 (Avg Bid)
    $165 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    29 คำเสนอราคา
    Product pickup in Odense, Denmark 4 ชั่วโมง left

    You will be given a list of 38 specific juice drink products and asked to input the product information on an online portal. You will then be required to package and ship the products to Cork, Ireland. Shipping and collection by a courier will be arranged for you.

    $412 (Avg Bid)
    $412 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    3 คำเสนอราคา


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