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    Approximatively 3 hours of work. 40 CAD You will have to read a document specifying the job to de done. It consist of using an already given Database and create 4 stocked functions to make use of the database and to create the API that goes along with them. The fuctions should use multiple tables. The choice of the the functions is free between 5 requested. Create at least one package to keep the variables you use in the different functions. Test functions with anonymous blocks Code should be commented The functions should use different aspects (cursors , collections, mass treatment ,…) FRENCH talker prefered

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    Need windows based service for Whatsapp Integration With SQL Server Using C#. Service will fetch details from SQL Server and send details with PDF on Whatapp Number.

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    Get my other MySQL server to run 6 วัน left

    Hi there, I have (for some reason) two MySQL instances and only one of them i can enable with ```systemctl start mysql``` but when i run ```grep 'temporary password' /var/log/``` i get two servers. Your job is to get the other server running and export a SQL dump of the database named: wp_db_prod1

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    Implementar Data Lake Synapse 6 วัน left

    Deseamos configurar y crear un Data Lake en Microsoft Synapse con base en una arquitectura diseñada y una base de datos de Postgres que ya estamos alimentando continuamente

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    survey recipe 6 วัน left

    A survey project for intranet. Uses legacy ASP and Microsoft access database.

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    Add a reviews page to our Wordpress website 6 วัน left

    We have a website: which was built in wordpress connected to an SQL - MyPHP dbase. I would like a reviews page created. We have 350 + reviews currently saved in a simple CSV file (downloaded from Feefo), which I would like to be added to my website. You can see the reviews here: We will stop working with Feefo soon, and will be disconnected from their website.

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    OBIEE & BIP Developer 6 วัน left

    Number of Positions: 2 Experience: 3 to 4 years of relevant experience Job Description: • Hands on experience in end to end design, development and enhancement of OBIEE & BIP Reports • Sound knowledge of OBIEE Administration • Experience in Performance tuning & Security Management of OBIEE Application • Working experience in PL SQL Procedures, Functions, Packages, Views, Materialized views • Good Communication & Presentation skills Qualifications: Graduate / Post Graduate

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    $167 - $502
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    Freelance Developer 6 วัน left

    Hi I am Sachin Jaiswar from ETP International Pvt Ltd. I am looking for a SQL Programmer.

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    Build a website 6 วัน left

    I want to create an IMDB like website …using react,SQL and NodeJS(using classes in Nodejs)…

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    Data Analyst/Data Engineering 6 วัน left

    We are looking for data analyst who has the following skills to help us with the data reporting. Python and SQL Alchemy MS SQL Experience Solid understanding of SQL Databases and Data Schemas Cleaning Raw data and producing a cleaned CSV file

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    Control de Ventas 6 วัน left

    Quiero un colaborador para realizar un Sistema de Escritorio de ventas y control de inventario de productos, es decir ver la parte de venta de un producto y entregar ticket de venta nada de boleta o factura, y disminuir stock, de misma manera permitir el ingreso de productos a traves de sus facturas y/o ordenes de compra, y entregar reportes. Pero aclaro un Colaborador yo también ayudaría un poco. de Preferencia en con Mysql

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    Extract relevant data from twitter feeds 6 วัน left

    There are several Twitter feeds from Australian racing authorities. Twitter is the ONLY place that these racing authorities publish specific information - which we want/need. The feeds are all public and there is no issue with us using the information. What we need to do is to connect to each of the Twitter feeds and scan them routinely for posts with specific information and key words - grab the content from the ones and add the information to our database. Unfortunately, it seems they post them slightly different sometimes so there is not always a generic template to the post - but using multiple key word strings should suffice. Here is one for example: Some of the tweets we'd need are:

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    Normalize two tables in SQL 6 วัน left

    I converted these json data into the SQL table already. Now I want to normalize these two tables separately. If you know how to use IBM i, then it will be a big help!

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    SAP BODS/HANA 6 วัน left

    Looking for assistance in SAP HANA project.

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    Database Administrator -- 9 6 วัน left

    We are looking for a Database Administrator (preferably from the Philippines and Vietnam, but we encourage other nationalities having the listed qualifications) to: - create an efficient physical database design from a logical data model and application specifications - do metadata management and repository usage - create and manage database schema - implement backup and recovery, and ensure data availability and integrity - perform SQL code reviews and walk-throughs - implement security infrastructure Skills required : ERP and business knowledge Web-specific technology expertise Storage management techniques CockRoachDB This is for an INDIVIDUAL person, NOT a team. Send a link to your LinkedIn profile, with references and recommendations, send a portfolio, and lastly your resume. Stat...

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    We Need one dashboard for our Digital Marketing Team. We run different types of marketing campaign (Facebook, Google Ads, Bings, Google Analytics) so we need one complete dashboard which help team to get insights and callout on organic and paid data. Skill set required-- sql ( to fetch data from bigquery to data studio) Google sheets Google Data Studio Thanks

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    Error con con mi base de datos 5 วัน left

    Tengo un problema con mi base de datos, es de un juego, especificamente la tienda del mismo. Me gustaria comprobar si todo esta conectado de forma correcta e averiguar el problema. Ya que no me deja comprar nada en el juego.

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    Hi! I found a bot on github and I liked it but I use javascript to build bot , its in python. I need someone who can customise but for me

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    I need a freelancer to develop code to scrape amazon product details and store in my database and send alert if the price hit lowest price.

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    phone-counselling program مطلوب مبرمج عربي 5 วัน left

    مطلوب مبرمج عربي Hello, I am looking for a freelancer who are able to read and write Arabic. I want you to design a program for our center (social phone counselling service). 1. Phone counselor should be able to fill all the information about the calling client as manifested in the sheet attached and then 2. Ability to organize these data to give statistics. 3. The front panel of the program should be a check-mark list as the sheet shows. There should be a space at the end of the sheet to let the counselor write his comment about the case. 4. Counselors can log in using unique usernames and passwords to use the program. They can also change their passwords, and text each other. 5. Registered cases can be scrolled and viewed one by one, and can be searched for using their (number, city...

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    SQL osclass 5 วัน left

    good morning unfortunately on osclass the location has been done state, region, city. my project is to create a region, a province and a city

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    PO System (For Laundry, Electrical, Perfume, Small store ) 5 วัน left

    with dashboard, Inventory, Sales report daily, monthly, yearly, Profit and loss. PHP My SQL Recommended. Barcode facilities (For search item, add item)

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    PO System (For Laundry, Electrical, Perfume, Small store ) -- 2 5 วัน left

    with dashboard, Inventory, Sales report daily, monthly, yearly, Profit and loss. PHP My SQL Recommended. Barcode facilities (For search item, add item)

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    Godot Video Editor Game 5 วัน left

    Database: The user uploads a video which is split on the server. Each frame is converted to a SVG. These frame are converted to a single SVG file (video wall). The video wall is converted to a database file that will load into the Godot database (the developer - to be hired - writes this code). The database file is uploaded to the game (the developer handles that part). Script: The game is controlled by GDScript (which the developer would write), however we already have the function of the game in 10,000 lines of Javascript, some of that Javascript would be ported to the GDScript by the developer. Action: The user can then edit the video as an animation. For example, a spinning tornado could be moved from one video to another. In the new video, the direction, speed, scale, rotation, and...

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    I need an expert for php. I have an app made in flutter .THIS APP ONLY WORKS WITH ANDROID TABLET How my app works it basically: A customer fill out a form on the app(android tablet) and then completed form will be send to my domain link(sql file). Need an expert for PHP and Sql . App was made with flutter. I am switching from wordpress to WIX need somebody to transfer everything

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    Very Slow MSSQL Connection when Using IP Address 5 วัน left

    Hello, I am having an issue and need a professional, well experienced MSSQL Server person to help resolve it. There are 2 issues i have : 1) My initial connection / Query to MSSQL Database is usually very slow. Average about 10 to 15 seconds. But once the first connection is made, subsequent queries or connection is faster and take only about 2 to 3 seconds. This happens for either connections via Instance Name or IP address. 2) When i use Instance Name in my connection string, query is faster, less than 2 seconds. But if i use IP Address and Port for connection on same machine, connection is extremely slow. Most times i get Query time out for complex queries that i do when the Connection String contains IP Address and Port. But i do same complex query on same machine, using Database insta...

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    Solving database algorithm problems 5 วัน left

    There will be biweekly problem sets that need to be solved (combination of written and/or coding) Topics include: 1) fundamental topics of database management 2) database design methodology (good vs bad ones) 3) physical record design, query planning and optimization, indexes, transaction protocols

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    Write MySQL Queries for time based reporting and table indexing design 5 วัน left

    This is a simple but specific task for someone who's very knowledgeable about MySQL time based queries and table design. The table already exists which stores metrics with a time stamp and some other fields. I already have queries running but need help with optimization of queries and creation of summary/aggregate tables. The following 3 things are required: 1. Optimize the table including indexing and/or create new summary/aggregate tables (I think hourly time period would work) with query to automatically update summary/aggregate table. 2. Build Query to retrieve time series data (values=count/avg/min/max) from the table in minute, hourly and daily intervals ( with timezone). 3. Build Query to retrieve categories from the table in minute, hourly and daily intervals ( with timezone)...

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    Convert 4GL Code to PL/SQL -- 2 5 วัน left

    I have an ongoing need to convert 4GL programs to PL/SQL. Several functions written in 4GL will be converted to PL/SQL and then wrapped into a package. This is a very large project that is expected to last at least a year. Pay will be based on number of lines per function. Please do not respond if you do not have experience in these technologies.

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    Color Change Strategy Indicators Needed • 199 EMA • 19 EMA • Super Trendline • Candle Sticks • QQE Mod PCT Test We run this test on every trade P – Position (No trading against position) The entry must be above (Long) or below (Short) both moving averages C – Color (No trading against dominant color) The entry bar must match the dominate color in a lookback. Green (Long and Red (Shorts). Dominate color is defined as the majority of the larger bars are the same color. T – Trend (No trading against the 19 ema) The entry must be in the direction of the EMA’s S– Close or bounce off the 19 EMA No Trade Zone If the entry point is below (long) or above (Short) the 20 or 200 ema Entry Rule All entries are made at the break of the indicator (Pu...

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    Desktop POS Application 4 วัน left

    Need desktop windows based application with SQL database

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    Microsoft Teams bot that gets caller info from external DB or API 4 วัน left

    We use Microsoft Teams for telephony - and we want to show info about the caller, which should be pulled by a bot from an external database (SQL most likely) or an API (to be determined in discussion with the developer). We need a developer who has experience in building bots for MS Teams and Microsoft 365 in general.

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    8 คำเสนอราคา

    I have used Java for over two years. I recently working as a software developer. I am using C#, Blazor, Razor Pages, etc at work. Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the new tech.

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    Senior Python/Azure/MS SQL Developer 4 วัน left

    The need is to build a python module, which can pick data from a specified location (tables in a database) and then process that data to comprehend customer interactions and provide an analytical approach in understanding customer state, sentiments, etc. which in turn would benefit businesses in providing a better customer service approach. An online python module (hosted on a Linux based Azure function app) where text data (in the form of chat and comments) can be uploaded, which can be used to comprehend customer interactions to provide an analytical approach in understanding customer state of mind, sentiments, etc. through their text conversations which in turn would benefit businesses in providing a better customer service approach. Project Scope • Create a centralized, standal...

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    Oracle DBA Training 4 วัน left

    Oracle DBA Training Required , urgent

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    Integromat Automation : HTTP (Get) -> CSV/XLS -> MySQL 4 วัน left

    Get a XLS file on an URL, read it and insert columns on Microsoft SQL table

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    Programar Epicor 4 วัน left

    Al generar una orden que es para dos plantas tengo problema al generar solo una factura, me genera dos facturas

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    Integrazione ecommerce sviluppato asp 3.0 ms sql con klavio

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    DBMS - SQL query work 3 วัน left

    PostgreSQL query work on Race database - very small queries (total 20) will provide more details.

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    $97 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    19 คำเสนอราคา

    What we need is develop a system to pull data from a ftp site on a daily basis then convert from xml to sql and push it into a DB

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    AX developers based out of Hyderabad 3 วัน left

    Dear freelancers, I require 2-3 Ax developers to work on a long term project The candidate should have hands-on experience on the following DM experience in F&O Dynamics 365 F&O Data Entities (F&O) SQL Database RIS Good to have skills Azure SQL Logic Apps Good communication skills. Those with the mentioned skills only may apply. Currently we don't have offers for freshers. Thanks for taking time to read this. Good day. Regards Rishi

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    Load SQL Query to Power BI 3 วัน left

    I have a query that uses temp tables and variables. I want to load the out put in Power BI and generate reports. Power BI throws the error when declared variables used in the SQL . " the variable name '@yearmonth' has already been declared. variable names must be unique within a query batch. I tried using blank query and declare those variables in Power bi but not successful.

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    design crystal report 3 วัน left

    Hi, I need a single cystal report designed using, sql server or ms access. My max budget is INR 500/-

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    Mysql Query Expert required for 20Min Task 3 วัน left

    Mysql Query Expert required for 20Min Task

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    Fulltime MERN stack developer 3 วัน left

    Hello Freelancers We are in the phase of starting a company (registration in progress). We are in need of 2 full-stack web developers with expertise on the MERN stack. Requirements: JavaScript Typescript React js Node js SQL NoSQL REST Git / Github Good To Know Web Socket WebRTC AWS Agile Methodology Note: We are not hiring on a project basis Only bid if you are from India and can join immediately. Working hours: 10am - 7pm (Monday - Friday) Experience: 0 - 2 years Notice period: 1 month package: Based on interview Please drop your CV on chat.

    $485 (Avg Bid)
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    Need a full stack developer who can take care of end to end workflow in implementing the simple functionalities require in my profile website.

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    บทความชุมชน SQL ชั้นนำ