XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a specialized language used for applications such as data exchange and web services, where structured communication is needed between legally, syntactically and semantically different systems. XML Developers are those with an in-depth understanding of the language and all its technical aspects. With an XML Developer, a client can structure their data, automate web service communication, optimize data analysis and transfer, format documents or integrate an XML API onto their system.

Here's some projects that our expert XML Developers made real:

  • Developed efficient solutions to process large volumes of data exchange
  • Created automated communication systems to ensure smooth operations
  • Optimized complex data analysis initiatives for better organization
  • Developed customized document formatting solutions to fit the client's requirements
  • Improved user interface design by integrating APIs into existing system

At Freelancer.com, our expert XML Developers have put their skills to countless projects with successful results. Clients have hired freelancers on Freelancer.com and trusted them to create innovative solutions while solving meaningful problems.

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    Integrar nuestra aplicacion con la api de chatgpt 6 วัน left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can integrate our Java application with the chatgpt API. This project requires the following skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in Java programming language - Experience with API integration - Familiarity with chatgpt API documentation The freelancer will be responsible for handling the chatgpt API documentation and completing the integration within a week.

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    25 คำเสนอราคา

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a desktop application using UnrealEngine. - The main purpose of the application is to display the music score on 3D env. - Key requirements are to parse, display, play and edit the MusicXml or Midi. - The ideal candidate should have experience in UnrealEngine and music notation. If you are a skilled Unreal Engine Developer and are able to work with full time, please submit your proposal.

    $1232 (Avg Bid)
    $1232 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    29 คำเสนอราคา
    Hotel Reservtion Website Description translation app via OpenAI 6 วัน left

    Our company operates as an Online Travel Agency (OTA), primarily interfacing with various hotel providers. The majority (99%) of these providers share their hotel descriptions with us in English through their APIs. Given that our website serves a multilingual audience, it's essential to have these descriptions available in several major languages. Previously, we relied on local translators for this task. However, with the advent of advanced AI technologies, we are now looking to implement on-the-spot translation. Our approach is user-driven: initially, we present the hotel descriptions in English. Customers interested in a different language can click a 'Translate' button. Upon this action, we use Chat GPT to translate the description into the customer's preferred lang...

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    Finetuning LLM (GPT or LLARMA) to Write XML 6 วัน left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can fine-tune the GPT language model to generate XML content. The ideal candidate should have experience with GPT and be able to customize it for our specific needs. Preferred XML Output Structure: - The client will provide XML output structure. The freelancer will need to provide guidance and expertise in determining the most suitable structure based on the project requirements. Sample XML File: - The client has a sample XML files that can be used as a reference for the desired output structure. The freelancer will need to analyze the sample file and ensure that the generated XML content follows a similar structure. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in GPT and the ability to fine-tune the language model. - Strong understanding of XML and its...

    $836 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to develop 2 XML cron job scripts for importing products into my WordPress site. The scripts should include the following features: Source of XML files: - The XML files will be imported from an API. Importing categories: - I want all categories of products to be imported, so no specific categories need to be selected. Frequency of cron job: - The cron job should run weekly to import products. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in XML parsing and handling API data. - Experience with WordPress and cron job scheduling. - Familiarity with creating categories in WordPress. - Attention to detail to ensure all necessary data is included in the import process.

    $34 (Avg Bid)
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    22 คำเสนอราคา

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with integrating Power Automate with Sage Intacct. The ideal candidate should have experience in API integration and be familiar with Power Automate and Sage Intacct. Specific project requirements include: - Automating the load of invoices and payments into Sage Intacct using Power Automate - Ensuring data entry and synchronization between the external application and Sage Intacct via Power Automate - Setting up notifications using Power Automate Postman collection with all the API calls required to be provided on request. In terms of training and support, I am looking for a walkthrough training session with Q&A to get familiar with Power Automate. Key skills and experience required for this project: - Proficiency in Power Automate an...

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    $743 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    30 คำเสนอราคา
    Resolve category URL issue 4 วัน left

    Resolve category URL issue on Magento website - Specific issue: Unique constraint violation found - Platform: Magento - Deadline: Within 24 hours Login to the admin centre Catalogue > categories choose the category id 3: Computers & Peripherals Write the URL like this (computers-peripherals) You will see the error (Unique constraint violation found) it is affecting our website efficiency and generating XML Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in resolving category URL issues on Magento websites - In-depth knowledge of Magento CMS and its database structure - Proficient in debugging and troubleshooting Magento errors - Familiarity with URL rewriting and redirect rules in Magento - Ability to work efficiently under strict deadlines

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    OpenGL Desktop Application - I am looking for a skilled developer to create a desktop application using OpenGL. - The main purpose of the application is to display the music score on 3D env. - Key requirements are to parse, display and play the MusicXml or Midi. (editing is optional) - The client specifically wants the application to focus on parsing a xml and draw a music score. - The ideal candidate should have experience in OpenGL and music notation. Look forward to hear from a developer experienced in OpenGL and music score. The proper candidate will be provided with more details. Thanks.

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    Create flow in N8N to feed data from source api to target API 3 วัน left

    I need specialist in N8N to create flow to feed XML formatted object from supplier API into target ERP API.

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    26 คำเสนอราคา

    Tengo una aplicación web que sirve a una psicóloga para registrar y controlar sus atenciones. Esta aplicación está hecha sobre MySQL y con PHP. En un momento, se muestren todas las atenciones con sus costos relacionados, datos del paciente, responsable financiero, rut, dirección, todo. Y también el monto con que debe ser emitida la boleta de honorarios electrónica de la psicóloga. Actualmente, con toda la información en pantalla de las consultas, totales, información de paciente, apoderados, etc, MAS el monto total de la boleta, la operadora a cargo de las emisiones y despacho de las boletas electrónicas abre una pantalla adicional en para generar la boleta mensual correspondiente con los datos que se tienen....

    $557 (Avg Bid)
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    The gadget needs to be a grid that groups issues by Issue Type or Epic and sums the Original Estimate and Time Remaining.

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    9 คำเสนอราคา
    Relink a new XML to a Property Website 1 วัน left

    We have a 3rd party software company that supplies an XML feed of "house/rental properties" into the website The XML is uploaded in to the FTP server, and then the data in that XML, populates the website with rental properties, in WordPress. Job Brief I'm looking for someone to link the XML and its details, to an existing wordpress website, to display properties. Also remove properties when they are actioned from the XML. Attached is the XML

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    XML Config Editor Desktop Application 11 ชั่วโมง left

    I am looking to create a desktop application using C# that is compatible with Windows only. The XML config editor must have both the functionality of creating, editing, and deleting XML files, as well as validating XML syntax. Ideally, this application would have a dedicated user interface, although either is acceptable.

    $1704 (Avg Bid)
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    API Integration Brief for Introduction to the Integration: , operating as an innovative crypto casino, is engaging with an API integration that functions as a liaison among the casino, game aggregators, and game providers. This integration will allow to access content from various providers through a singular Universal API, streamlining operations between the casino's wallet and the Game Content Provider (GCP). Details Before Integration: The Wallet must be configured with a specific WALLET_URL, while the GCP side will be provided with GCP_URL and a list of games. Both Wallet and GCP sides will exchange necessary authentication tokens, casino IDs, and endpoint URLs. Workflow and Security: The game launch involves creating a session between the casino and GCP. All server requests are...

    $3180 (Avg Bid)
    $3180 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    30 คำเสนอราคา
    Migrate a blog from word press to Hubspot หมดเขตแล้ว left

    I am looking to migrate our blog from wordpress to hubspot in both Arabic and English

    $495 (Avg Bid)
    $495 การประมูลเฉลี่ย
    66 คำเสนอราคา


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