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JAPAN ONLY! I need someone in JAPAN to enter a shopping contest

A certain Japanese online shop is selling some limited edition items. However, because supplies are limited, the shop won't let everyone purchase those items. The shop is deciding who is allowed to make a purchase by using a lottery system.

I want to enter the lottery, but I can't because I live in the United States. The shop only allows people with a Japanese address to enter.

So, I want to hire freelancers in based Japan to enter the lottery. I will only select freelancers who are located in Japan - no exceptions! Anyone in any city in Japan is eligible to do this job.

The lottery entry period is open right now. Entering the lottery does NOT cost any money. Each person can only enter the lottery once. The shop will notify the winners later this month.

This is a simple task that will only take a few minutes. Please let your bid equal your fee for entering the lottery.

I will select multiple freelancers for this job.

Here is how I envision this project will proceed:

1. You will place your bid.

2. I will select your bid and set up a milestone equal to 100% of your bid amount.

3. You will accept the job.

4. I will email you the link to the shop.

5. You will enter the lottery.

6. The shop will announce the winners of the lottery later this month.

7. I will release your milestone.

I will pay you whether or not you are selected as a winner.

If you win the lottery, I will need you to buy the items and mail them to me. I will pay you the cost of the items and shipping, and a fee for doing this shopping service for me. We can discuss exact details about this later, if you win.

Note: I have posted this job before and am hiring multiple freelancers. If you already placed a bid on my previous job posting, please do not place another bid here. Each person can only enter the lottery once anyway, so I can't hire the same person more than once.

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