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You must know how to implement Majestic API. [url removed, login to view]

I'm looking for a software or cloud based application that can help me do the following:

I need a software for MAC. Nice clean application. Visually simple but appealing. ROBUST Clean application.

1. I enter a topic (Let's use my niche: Self Help Books).

2. I enter the number of forums I want (5 for example).

3. I enter the minimum number of TF (See Majestic dot com).

3. I press ‘Go Find Forums’.

4. The software finds all forums with:

2a: SEO Friendly URLs (Example: mybooks,com/forum/ NOT [url removed, login to view]) and that have the Off-Topic section (Very important).

2b: That have a TF of 30+ (Whatever I defined in Step 3).

2c: It then presents me a list.

My goal is to enter topic, press a button once a month and have 3-5 high quality forums that I can spend a whole month properly engaging in. I’m spending almost a day just researching this right now . . .

This software should also allow me to:

Check off forums I've already visited.

Never visit the forums I've checked off (Obviously).

Allows me to import my current list of forums.

and other obvious features.

ทักษะ: Cloud Computing, Mac OS, PHP, สถาปัตยกรรมซอฟต์แวร์

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