Locate an open source SDK object definable/adaptable image processing algo+software

I need you to find off the web and locate and download SDK open source (ready) software platform independent (including its source code) so just downloaded off the web for me.

The vision software needs to be able to take the stream of "all individual images" from the video files( imputed by a mobile camera in real time) and be able to match and identify with a some predefined given patterns.

Basically this is a software that contains some groups of mathematical equations that can do this thing.

You only "may" need to make a small modifications to it. The modifications may be a few line of programming or adding a few Mathematical equations.

my requirement are :

1- it would have a capability to be downloaded as an App on any mobile and we can add to its on board libraries new objects or patterns that I need it to look for and produce an alert.

2- it follow changes on any single object in time in real time.

3- the software needs to be easily attachable or link up with other software easily without serious programming.


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Open source Computer vision


Open source Computer vision

Open source Computer vision

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